Wednesday, February 01, 2006

True or false?

When I was a young man, I went out with a bisexual bloke. He didn't tell me he was bisexual. Well, he did, but only because I came in and found him groping my Mother.

I was sickened. Know what I did? I put a large trout in a jiffy bag and posted it to him, second class! Of course, the three days it was in the postal system gave it plenty of chance to get warm and start to stink. I wish I could have been there in his hall as he opened up the package.



Blog Off said...

that's pretty evil, but thoroughly deserved.

You'll be shocked to know that I haven't done anything nasty to any of my ex's... well, not that I can remember anyway. Mind you, I must've done at one stage 'cos that sort of thing is in my nature.

Minge said...

There's nothing like revenge. I once pissed in someone's shower gel. I'm such a cunt.