Monday, February 06, 2006

Dannii, Arthur and Martha...

It seems Dannii Minogue has been lezzing off in a London nightclub. Read the full article on Sky Showbiz. I still love her, though, even if she doesn't know if she's Arthur or Martha.

I didn't know if I was Arthur or Martha once. Thankfully, a nice policeman told me I was neither. I was Catriona. I didn't like that, though, so I try to put it out of my mind. I think I'm in denial. What do you think, is Minge Arthur or Martha?


Blog Off said...

Definitely Martha

Minge said...

Thanks. I was hoping you'd say that.

Blog Off said...

did you read my comment on my blog about that big fat bastard? I'm still laughing at it.

Am I evil because I enjoy other people's misfortune?

Dan said...

I have *no* idea - I lead a very sheltered life you see :)

And Alan, laughing at other peoples misfortune is human nature. And hey, what is more amusing that an old man walking into a lamp post and knocking himself out.. Or an old man *striding* into the post office, assuming the automatic doors will open for him, when they don't. Highly amusing.

And is it me, or are the "reporters" on the Sky Showbiz site really fed up with everyone famous, and just bitch about them all the time... "Britney not wearing a bra" does NOT equate news.

Minge said...

According to Sky, Britters king her nose is news-worthy. I hate that channel and only reported the Dannii story because it was nowhere else to be seen.

The only proper place for news is Aunty.

I too saw the show about the big fat bastard. He was a horrible person. He said that if someone told him what to do, he'd rip them to shreds. Yeah, right, and you can't even sit yourself up without a hoist? You big, fat fucking cunt.