Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Graham has had a wild idea for a musical. I say we stage it, next year, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

What do you say, dear reader?

This is his plot-line:

Boy gets on train. Boy sees girl (or boy, it is the 21st century afterall and well, being gay, I think this would be a much hotter story myself) passing through carriage. Boy persues hottie while train chug chug chugs it's way along. Day becomes night, the two young lovers have fun running about the train while the rest of the passengers sleep soundly in their cabins. Train crashes. Boy can't find his new soulmate, kills himself in despair. Soulmate sees dead boy, grieves briefly and then runs away with hot emergency rescue worker.

I have given thought to staging Female Trouble or Follies, seriously, but Graham's idea is so much better. Shall we do it, dear reader? Shall we? Graham, what do you think?


graham said...

Oh Yes Minge,
I say we do it. If we do it as a play I can write the script, but if we go with a muscial format, then you'll hav to write all the songs and sort out the music for it. I bet it would be a fabulous musical.

I think it should be a predominantly eastern european cast, what do you think?

Minge said...

The Eastern European things certainly floats my boat.

The theme...!? I'm thinking, sailors, spunks beefcakes, hotrods, dirty railway workers with oil on their hands, ripped denim, helmets, hard hats...

I can see the flyer now: Warning! Contains full frontal nudity!