Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Ten things I love about Scotland/living in Scotland/being a Scot (in no particular order):

1) George W Bush came here especially so that I could laugh at him falling off of his bicycle at Gleneagles and compound people's belief that he's a raging idiot.

2) Haggis (vegetarian or traditional) can be bought in any butcher shop, chip shop or supermarket at any time of year.

3) We'll never have a Tory administration.

4) From a certain place on Bread Street, Edinburgh Castle looks just like The Emerald City. Not so spooky when you consider that not far from that spot on Bread Street, a guy called George Gibson was born. He emigrated to the USA in 1930 and ended up working on The Wizard Of Oz, painting the Emerald City for MGM.

5) Gay men call each other hen. Women call each other hen. Men call each other pal. It's all terribly friendly.

6) Cicero grew up here. No, not the philosopher, the singer.

7) You can hear Americans saying Edinburrow. Trust me, it's hilarious. Imagine if I went to Washington DC and called it Wooshingtune?

8) You don't have to travel far for the world's largest arts/theatre festival.

9) The Loch Ness Monster is only a car drive away.

10) Addiction to tablet doesn't make you a junkie.


CoffeeBigPlz said...

HOW do you pronounce number 7?
I say W-ah-shing-TON. But then.
I also say, Belfst - for Belfast in Ireland.

teach me
so I can come to Scotland, see my dead relatives and not be laughed at!

CoffeeBigPlz said...

...and do you really eat haggis?

Minge said...

Yes, I really eat haggis! It's no big deal.

Edinburgh can actually be pronounced a few ways. A few people say Ed-in-bruh, some say Embra but most say Ed-in-bu-ruh. Whatever you say, don't say Edinburrow or people will laugh at you!

Moncrief Speaks said...

Great list!

Even worse, I imagine some Americans have said Edin-burg (pronouncing it similar to how we would "Pittsburgh.")

Brian said...

#4. Take me to that spot. I wanna see.

I had a dream last night that we went to the Tattoo and I filled my digital camera up with photos and you wouldn't let me use your computer to burn them to a disc so I could empty the memory. That was mean.

Minge said...

I have heard people say Edinburg, Brett. I love it.

Brian, fret not, hen, me casa ist Suzie's casa. You can do whatever you like. Just as long as you don't make too much mess.

PJS said...

I just left a long hilarious comment on this post, and Blogger fritzed out and failed to post it. I can't be bothered to recreate it, but just imagine a bunch of self-deprecating examples of mispronunciation on my part.

Hilarity ensues.

Minge said...

Damn and blast!

CoffeeBigPlz said...

Oh! i was right all these years with Ed-in-bu-ruh... but my greats were immigrants... so that could be why.

Minge said...

You're a bit like me, Coffee! A bit Scottish!

Minge said...

I must admit, I like to see myself as a citizen of the world first, then a European, then British, then Scottish. I think nationalism is a very bad and harmful thing.

CoffeeBigPlz said...

true but in my actual blood I am a Scots/Irish/American Indian mix.

Makes for a nasty temper.

when the Irish got to America during the potato famine they were treated a bit like the slaves if they had no money. So some of my family intermarried into a Cherokee Indian tribe.

I have super thick red hair and high cheek bones with pale pale skin;
very odd.

Minge said...

Not odd - fabulous!

zona boy said...

how can haggis be veggie? that's like having a korlt. (kilt/short combo)

here in the states their is a whole section where the people say WORshington.

I always wonder where aussies and brits come up with Los AngeLEEZE

CoffeeBigPlz said...

yep Zona parts of Indiana do their Warsh. Therefore the capitol is in Warshington. Oh, that drives me insane! I want to yell. Dude! there is no fricking R in w-a-s-h.!

I suppose that would be like telling them that "ain't got no" is a double negative and got is the inappropriate verb usage as well.

Minge said...

Actually, there's very little meat in a haggis. It's mainly oatmeal, so the flesh isn't really missed in the veggie version.

Here, in Britain, people tend to dislike Scouse and Brummie accents. Which accents are hated in North America?

zona boy said...

I'm not fond of Texas accents for some reason

Minge said...

Because Dubya has one?