Thursday, August 17, 2006


It's been some week, dear reader!

Alan has announced his tour of planet Earth, Raquel has buggered off, it rained at sea, we were taken on a tour of West-central Minnesota (but Reese stole the show), David found he was most like JFK, Ric celebrated, the ever fabulous Brian came to see me, Coffee was sorry, Hildert started posting again, we saw "Graham - The Motion Picture", people were shot, Dino won a prize, I met Lodestone across a crowded blog, Brett went back to the lake, PJS went to see Condi, Amy had an operation (fingers still crossed), we found out that some lizards don't do poos, Al asked that we don't forget about him, we ogled hot priests, I found an interesting food blog, China Blue wondered if anyone had seen her pussy, Michèle's blog went away and came back, it was Fib Sunday, Haiku Saturday and Half Naked Tuesday!

The seven most recent songs I've played, according to iTunes, are:

Run girl, run - Billie Trix
Try it (I'm in love with a married man) - Oh Romeo
I'm so excited (I could vomit) [XWiz dirty bitch radio edit] - Chip Shop Boys
Come (and be a lesbian) [Original version] - Chip Shop Boys
I'm so excited (I could vomit) [Ambient techno remix] - Chip Shop Boys
I love men - Eartha Kitt
Some day I'll find you - Shola Ama/Craig Armstrong

The seven deadly sins are:


Seven long words:








Seven countries I've visited on holiday:


Seven facts about the number 7:

God rested on the seventh day
Seven comes after six and before eight
7 is arabic in origin
There are seven days in a week
Howard Keel starred in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
The term seventh heaven comes from the number of heavens in Islamic tradition
The beast in the book of Revelation has seven heads

I have had many pets. Seven of them were:


What will next week be like, dear reader? Can anyone predict?


Voix said...

Hopefully a lot more calm. I don't want my blog to disappear again!

RIC said...

So now is «sete», huh?! And I, making a fool of myself, trying to find out why the hell I didn't know that English word...
Well, it surely looks the same as a Portuguese one, I went on thinking. How do you pronounce it? «Seetee»? What the hell's seetee?!...
In the whole operation a few neurons went down forever. But other connections are always available, happily!
(Take a look at a chav «adventure»...) :-)

CoffeeBigPlz said...

I predict that next week will be full of the wisdom of the ancient ones but will not be recognized until the time of it has passed. However, it will not be too late and it can be chalked up as "lesson learned / no harm no foul"

This is my predicated pronounced predicition!

Minge said...

I predict that next week, the week will contain seven days.

Sete is seven!

Michèle - di you contact blogger over your missing blog?

RIC said...

Thank you very much, Minge! NOW I know, don't I? And I also know that um is one, dois is two, três is three, quatro is four, cinco is five and seis is six...
Anything else?...

Minge said...

What's eight, nine and ten?

Minge said...

Have you clicked on the songs? They're downloadable.

RIC said...

... Oito, nove e dez...
The picture doesn't match the title though, I'd say... «I'm so excited (I'm vomiting)» seems more appropriate... (Just teasing...)

Minge said...

The picture is of a Sloth, named after one of the seven deadly sins.

Harry Giles said...

Blimey, I got mentioned. You're a very busy blogger, minge.

Would you believe I'm getting on a boat to go to Edinburgh tonight?

Minge said...

A boat to Edinburgh? Why are you coming here?

Anonymous said...

Sete in Italian means 7.

Moncrief Speaks said...

The numbers in Portuguese are very similar to those in Spanish. I'm sure that's just a random coincidence.

Moncrief Speaks said...

(that's a joke, by the way. I know the reasons. Don't want to give anyone ammunation for a "dumb American" comment.)

Harry Giles said...

Off to the Edinburgh Fringe, Minge! Need a holiday. (see latest post) If you see my cap bobbing up and down the Royal Mile, feel free to say hello. Or something.

RIC said...

I believe you don't, Moncrief Speaks... However, chances for such comments just grow and grow... Wouldn't you say?

Moncrief Speaks said...


RIC said...

I'm sorry. After reading once again what I wrote, I think I may have been rude towards Moncrief Speaks, and that was NOT my intention at all. You are not at all responsible if chances for such comments keep growing; other Americans - with much greater responsabilities - are. And they even seem to be proud of that...
My apologies. :-)

Moncrief Speaks said...

I figured out what you meant, and I agree!

No worries, mate.

RIC said...

Thank you very much! No worries anymore, mate!