Thursday, August 24, 2006

We'll find a new way of living!



Minge said...

When the riots stopped, the drugs started.

Minge said...

I feel pretty, oh so pretty.

RIC said...

You're high, no doubt about it! Enjoy it then!
The song is old and beautiful... «Somewhere over the rainbow... There's a place for us.» (I know, two different songs)

Andrea said...

Minge, darling, aren't those the lyrics (originally) from West Side Story? Lots of hot young anglo and latino boys dancing around?? Mind you, are the pet shop boys doing that in their vids. these days?

gab said...

i love that fim!

Blog Off said...

i'd love you to put a link to a webcam on Princes Street on your blog

Minge said...

Pet Shop Boys did a cover version of Somewhere in 1997.

I love West Side Story, too.

Should the web cam be in a blog entry or in the side thingy?

Harry Giles said...

I'm back, Minge!

Edinburgh's a lovely place.

I've just spotted that PM put one of my e-mails (I send them a silly sommentary almost daily) on their "Your E-mails" section. What an honour! It's second from the bottom here:

Sadly they didn't correct a couple of typing errors, and edited out the bit where I ranted about the "ever-mental Tony Snow".