Monday, August 28, 2006


Aren't gay people entitled to the same protection and education from Fire Officers as everyone else, dear reader?

Not according to some firemen in Glasgow. They refused to hand out leaflets during a gay pride march in the city, some citing religious grounds, some claiming it wasn't part of their job.

What next? The alarm goes off at the station. An officer answers the telephone.

"We have an emergency, for you, Mr Fireman. But don't worry, it's a house in which no gays, blacks, jews, muslims, women or red-haired people live."


It just makes me sick.

Click here for the full story.

Scottish National Party MSP Fergus Ewing said disciplinary action against the men would be "unbelievable."

Minge said, "Anyone voting for this idiot in next year's elections must be out of their minds. He's unbelievable."

I shan't be buying a Fireman calendar ever again. And I'll have no sympathy for them next time they go on strike.

Oh, and check this blog out. It's actually rather good.


David said...

Wow. Firefighters can go on strike? That suprises me.

Here in Michigan, it is illegal for vital public servants to go on strike. Even public school teachers can not strike. I'm serious, this state will throw you in jail if you screw kids out of an education or fail to protect the public.

Minge said...

School teachers and firefighters go on strike here all the time. Ambulancemen did it a while back, too.

Only the police and armed forces are forbidden from striking.