Friday, August 11, 2006

Poor Reg

Which pop star's talented-in-their-own-right-and-not-a-charisma-free-parasite-no-way-not-him life partner doesn't quite understand the concept of monogamy?

The man in question has been shagging a photo agent behind his chubby boyfriend's chubby back for years.


RIC said...

Okay, I've got it now: it's gossip day!
Everything always turn out fine for them (and many others)... As we say around here, «they're flour from the same sack»...

A Novelist said...

Oh no, please say it isn't true? Poor Reginald.. :(

Minge said...

He deserves everything he gets! LOL!

Poor Renate, I say!

Did you know Elton John calls Rod Stewart Phyllis?

Kapitano said...

I think Rod calls him Brenda. Kind of suits him.

So...messy divorce? or even messier reconciliation?