Monday, August 28, 2006

Scarlet (part II)

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...The policemen kindly took me to the hospital and to my poor daughter. I hardly recognised her bruised and bettered face, but I most certainly recognised that little red riding hood.

"Mum!" she whispered, and began to tell me what happened.

"Ssshhh," I said, all this can wait.

But she persisted.

On her way to Granny's house, in the midst of the wood, she came upon Mr Wolf. After introductions, Mr Wolf asked what a pretty young girl was doing out in the woods on her own.

"You know gay people come here for sex, don't you?" he asked.

"Of course," replied Scarlet. "Some of my best friends are gay. Are you gay?"

"Certainly not! So what are you doing here?"

Scarlet proceeded to tell the shop-keeper that she was on her way to Granny's and pointed to a wee cottage about one hundred yards away.

"Ah, the old drunk!" said Mr Wolf. "How will you get in there? She's bound to be drunk by now."

"Oh, she leaves a key for me under the mat."

"You know, she really likes my hash cakes. Do you want to take her some?"

Thinking mainly of herself, Scarlet accepted Mr Wolf's invitation and, on his command, detoured into the wee village. Armed with his key, she opened the door to his shop, lifted some hash cakes along with two hundred fags and a two litre bottle of tequila.

Meanwhile, Mr Wolf gained entry to my Mother's wee cottage by way of the key under the mat.

"Granny?" he called out.

Already drunk and unable to distinguish a human being from a maggot, my Mother welcomed Mr Wolf with open arms. Within moments, he'd stripped, sexually assaulted, raped and beaten her.

After throwing her into the cellar, he put on her clothing, got into her bed and awaited Scarlet's arrival.

To be continued...

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