Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Her sister-in-law is, "...a control freak."

An anchorwoman's chat on CNN has been accidentally broadcast during a speach by George W Bush, prompting the TV network to apologise.

She said her sister-in-law was a control freak and she was very lucky with her husband.

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It sounds hilarious - but really, is this so terrible that CNN needs to make a public apology? It's not like her boob popped out, is it!?

Are the Americans really that uptight? Or does the news media simply presume they are?


RIC said...

I think you're right, and I'n inclined to agree with you. It may all just be a matter of image: what you think the other will think of what you think, and so on. Like reflexes on paralell mirrors...
I personally don't think Americans are in general uptight. But that very image/vision/version goes around rather easily. Why? That's a whole different matter.
(Thanks for the email!)
Enjoy life!

Minge said...

It's not just Americans. The whole world is worried about what other people think these days. It's stagnating society.

PJS said...

In my extremely humble opinion, the seriousness of the apology has more to do with the extremely competitive nature of our news outlets, and the scandals that have rocked some of our major newspapers and big network news programs of late. (e.g., Rathergate)

The American news media are experiencing a self-inflicted credibility crisis, and as such they're trying to be the first to call out their own errors before "the other guy" cries foul.

At least that's what I think.

PJS said...

P.S.- How refreshing that she was "caught" speaking appreciatively and affectionately of her husband, rather than trashing him behind his back!

L'amour, l'amour...

zona boy said...

they SHOULD have to apologize for broadcasting W's bullshit speech instead of the great catty comments.

PJS said...

Actually it was a speech given in New Orleans on the anniversary of Katrina's devastation.

Just saying.