Saturday, August 12, 2006

He's here!

Brian is here, dear reader...

We got to the train station with a bit of time to spare, Brian's train ending up about ten minutes late. Not too bad for British standards.

See the very train Brian was on coming in behind me.

The passenger seat is on the left!

After arriving home, we popped out to a bike shop. Brian bought a bicycle. Here, Phyllis helps to assemble it.

Brian and the haggis!

The haggis!

The neeps and tatties!

I don't want to say too much. It's not my job to steal Brian's thunder. You'll be able to read all about his Scottish experience on his Destination Scotland blog, all in due course.

Sadly, Alan couldn't make it to meet Brian off of the train. I had a game getting hold of him to tell him that Brian would be an hour early. Never mind, we'll see him tomorrow. The four of us are going to Stirling.

We're off to see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in ten minutes. Brian's having a wee nap. I'm going to have a coffee, just to keep me perky.


PJS said...

Brian, in the name of all that's holy, please don't eat the haggis.

CoffeeBigPlz said...

Do you smear sour cream on it or something? I mean how do you eat it?
I am so interested?!

Voix said...

YAY! He's safe. Hope he had a good nap. Looking tired but fabulous. I wonder how that airplane hangover is doing?

Thanks for the report, Minge. I really appreciate it. My mothering instincts are now feeling very sated.

RIC said...

Nice and tasty pictures! Hmmm! I can feel the inviting odour here!
Wish you all a marvellous reunion! :-)

Juggerpix said...

Yes Minge, thanks for letting us know our boy made it safe and sound!

Did you realy make him eat that thing?

Hope you had fun at Tattoo (or is it "the Tattoo?)!

Kapitano said...

Come on, admit it. Scottish people don't actually eat haggises (haggae, hagges?). In the same way they don't really wear kilts and sporrans. Only visitors and tourists do that.

As Ambrose Bierce once wrote:
Kilt (n): Garment worn by Scots when in America and Americans when in Scotland.

But if Brian wants to visit the English south coast at any time, I'd be happy to introduce him to jellied eels, calamari and chips, deep fried mars bars, and the venerable old custom of implying to everyone that we're sleeping together while denying it vigourously. ;-)

CoffeeBigPlz said...

You know I have suffered through Finnish food so I could probably make it through anything.

The Brian said...

woohoo, have fun guys!

alan said...

Sure you can't visit Scotland and not try the haggis, I'm sure.

Veronica said...

There's a Scothish restaurant here in town that serves Haggis, but I have not yet had the guts to try it. (The Haggis, not the resaurant.) Cheers!

David said...

Where are the pictures of him eating it?!:-P

Minge said...

Brian ate the haggis and indeed said he liked it!

We do eat haggis from time to time, but not an awful lot, namely because it's so very high in fat. Even the veggie one.

Kapitano, I'm going to send Brian to Portsmouth. You can tempt him with your jellied eel.

Juggerpix, it's the tattoo! ;)

The haggis is sliced open and the contents spills out onto the plate. It' not solid inside, quite a loose texture. You don't eat the actual stomach, unless you're a nutjob. The traditional accompaniaments are neeps (turnip) and tatties (potatoes). Curious, in England, a turnip is a swede and a swede is a turnip. The tatties are mashed with lots of milk and butter. No gravy!

CoffeeBigPlz said...

AH ha! I eat my tatties the English way. I don't do gravy not even on Thanksgiving

Moncrief Speaks said...

So excellent!!

Brian said...

I love haggis. I bought a haggis cookbook, in fact!