Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Email madness

I had eighty five emails in my inbox when I last looked. But not one of them I could see. And my mail program refused to download them.

So I called Blueyonder. I was inter-bouncing, apparently. And seemingly, all because my brother had sent some rather large files via email, through my email account, on Saturday. They were too big for him to download, so bounced back to me, and also being too large for me to download (and so many of them!), they've fucked my inbox.

So I just spoke to a rather nice man on the helpdesk. He told me the only way that this can be sorted is if he deletes all the emails waiting for me to download. And while speaking to him, this went up from eighty five to eighty six.

He said he'll send me a confirmation email when all's well, and in his words, "In the next five minutes." That was a quarter of an hour ago. I'm starting to worry.

So, dear reader, if you've emailed me any time after Saturday morning, I haven't received it. Please resend! But perhaps wait a while. I've still not got that bloody confirmation email from Fraser. Yes, by the end of our conversation, we were on first name terms.

I'd rather have not known him at all and got all my emails.



trying2hide said...

Does that include your gmail?

I used to have a program that you could send and get large files via email.

If I can find it I'll post the linky here and you might be able to resend them unless they delete them at the blueyonder server level

trying2hide said...

Here this is super handy and runs off donation!

Wells Alternative Carnival said...

I sent you some emails suggesting you visit the http://www.xwiz.co.uk/ website. I've updated, oh great one.

J.a.G. said...


RIC said...

Yeah, yeah, technologies some times just suck... Bloody moody...

Kapitano said...

You can download the free version of MailWasher from:

It downloads the headers of your email but not the bodies, letting you delete (or bounce) ones you don't want to download using your mail reader.

It might help.