Saturday, August 26, 2006

Comings and goings

Nothing stays the same, does it, dear reader!?

I've just checked with NWA and they confirm that Brian landed at 15:03 local time. He's back in the USA. America never felt so far away.

My good, faithful and long-time friend, Robin is on his way home, too. His plane takes off in a few minutes for Luton Airport. I wonder if he'll see Lorraine Chase?

Before leaving, Tim, Anthony, Phyllis and I went out for a meal with him to the Tusitala Pavilion to say, "Cheerio." It was quite delicious.

Tim and Anthony are off on their holidays to Corsica tomorrow. Of course, on Tuesday week, we're off to Japan.

Everyone's coming and going.

Strangely, before leaving the restaurant, Robin noticed that there were coins in the urinal in the men's toilets. Armed with my trusty camera, I went in to investigate.

Indeed, there the coins were. I waited until the loos were empty and took a photograph. I would have done this before, but might have ended up being arrested.

Why would anyone throw coins into the urinal? A tip for the cleaner? A drunk person mistook it for a one-armed-bandit? Or is it a wee test, to see if we Scots are as mean, tight and mad for money as the wider world believes? So obsessed with cash that we would put our hands into a filthy urinal in order to retreive a few pence?

I'd like to assure you, dear reader. The money is still there. Or, at least, it was when I left.

One last thing, dear reader: it's time for Haiku Saturday. Enjoy.

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