Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Want to hear a bunch of Radio 4 presenters and news readers saying, "Crap," dear reader?

Then click here.

Go on, you know you want to.

The story stems from the revelation that our fabulous Deputy PM thinks that George W Bush and his foreign policy are crap. Wo! That's certainly the pot calling the kettle black. When will this idiot resign or get the sack?


The very nice man said...

This idiot will not resign! He thinks he's doing a great job!
Someone should tow him out to sea and pull the plug but knowing him he would wash ashore on the British East Coast and start talking shite immediately.
Woorse still . . once he DOES go, another morron will take his place.

RIC said...

... It's the very same shitty thing all over the place... I'm so fed up of hearing politicians speak as if they were comfortably sitting in a café and doing small talk with their «mates»...
Bloody hell!!! them all!!! Even worse than Marquis de Sade would have done!
(Are you okay, Minge?) :-)

David said...

Whatever happened to acting prim and proper and doing the stabbing behind the back rather than in the front?