Friday, August 11, 2006

Age 7

What a week!

Avoiding the obvious:

Alan bought a new car, A Novelist cooked chicken and was re-Christened Sexy-Specs, Rand was a dreamer, Brian looked for a joke and didn't want us to ping his cheese, Conor's sister was revealed to be arty, Daddy's been buying up half of London, David won't go to the movies, Ric's been reading, the coffee woman moved, Alessandro went to Philadelphia, Algul Siento's lips were sealed, Graham had sex, Juggerpix grossed me out, Kapitano proved how ironic terrorism can be, Mark went to Spain, Jay drank coffee, Jess freaked me out with conspiracy theories, Brett gave us the most fabulous of history lessons, the boy in the secret world stumbled upon a fabulously vile video, PJS was scared straight, Dan was (and still is) ill, Tom took us to the dark room, Amy wants us to be prepared, Saucy wanted to know what to do, The Sinner didn't dress up as a pizza delivery boy, Al showed us where he used to work, DC Brian melted my heart with photographs of his dog, I got hooked on Drew (excuse the bad pun), China bled, Phyllis blogged about our trip to London, Michèle revealed the things she likes about cooking, Joel got memed and Zona broke his silence (and it's VERY sad).

The seven ages of man:

Young adult/Soldier
Old age
Senility and death

Seven colours I like:


The most recent seven songs (according to iTunes) I played:

Eartha Kitt - I love men
Chip Shop Boys - Come (and be a lesbian)
Chip Shop Boys - So excited (I could vomit) XWiz dirty bitch radio edit
Bob (Andy) & Marcia (Griffiths) - Young, gifted and Black
Chip Shop Boys - So excited (I could vomit) Ambient techno remix
Kylie Minogue - I know the meaning of love (extended)
Dannii Minogue - All I wanna do (radio version)

Seven things on my desk:

My camera
A bottle of TCP
A stapler
A telephone
My spectacles case
A battery recharger
Three Edinburgh Tattoo tickets

Seven days of the week:


The first seven numbers of the Fibonacci sequence:


What will next week have in store for us, dear reader?


Lex Ham Rand said...

I was an amazing week! Your retrospectives are works of art, Roy-André.

CoffeeBigPlz said...

Indeed they are!
what is a bottle of TCP?

I know TCP as the first layer of the communications protocol that the computers use to talk to one another.

Blog Off said...

I totally LOVE your weekly's FAB, hen xxx

RIC said...

Yes, Minge, the way you do it is absolutely amazing! It's definitely a gift of yours! I hope you're feeling better today. Once again, you're right: yesterday I decided to search for refuge in my books, so I guess I've been reading almost all day... Did me well though.
All the best for you!

Sylvie said...

well ... when talking about 7 things of a kind, I would like to have 7 emails in my inbox ^^
at least googlemail should work :/
*sigh* maybe your emailprogram does not deliver mails to German mailaddresses?
I looked up my spamfilter, there is no .uk there, so nothing coming from you will be deleted ...

The Brian said...


Minge said...

I've added a link for TCP.

RIC said...

I believe you «forgot» the seven sins. I'd say that's quite unforgivable... Why?! Just tell me why...

RIC said...

Being a germanist myself, I just LOVED the full name of TCP... What a beautiful word, so similar to «Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz»... Like it too? Lovely, marvellous, beautiful!!!

Minge said...

Sins and long words - ideas for my next review! Thanks, Ric!