Tuesday, August 22, 2006

...And he was gone

Brian left for London this morning. I'm sure he's having a splendid time, and you can, dear reader, keep up to date with his comings and goings on his fabulous blog, Destination Scotland.

How can I explain how I feel? Not sure that I can. I don't feel like someone's died. I know I'll see Brian again. And I think of songs by The Three Degrees and Noel Coward when I type that... No, not a death, but how someone might have felt if someone close to them had emigrated to another continent a century or two ago, long before jet aircraft were ever thought of; both parties wondering when they'll ever see one another again, or indeed, if. But I'm just not thinking the if part.

It was a really sunny morning as Brian's train pulled out of Edinburgh Waverley, and, just as in Christian tradition, on the death of that particular chapter, the skies darkened...

I was very sad indeed.

I then bought myself an almond croissant, a double espresso and ate them en route to Princes Street Gardens. After that, I made my way to the galleries on the mound. Sadly, they didn't open until ten, so I hit the shops, returning to the Royal Scottish Academy around eleven. I paid six pounds to see an exhibition of works by Ron Mueck. I was going to be clever, here, photograph my ticket and upload it within this post, but I can't find the damned thing.

I left it on the kitchen table. Honest.

The tidying up fairy must have been here agian.

The exhibition was beyond fabulous. I adored the man in the boat, having seen him before. New to me were the giant baby and giant woman in bed. I can't say I could appreciate the wild man. Philistine. Check out the Washington Post Gallery - here.

I came home, uploaded my photographs from my camera to the computer, called Blueyonder about my bloody email, did some washing and fell asleep in front of the televison. Later, we ate, Phyllis had a bath and went to bed. And here I am.

I would say my life's returned to boring mode, but not just yet. My good pal Robin is coming up tomorrow for a few days to enjoy the Fringe. I'm looking forward to seeing him. He'll cheer me up.

I must also mention yesterday and how I enjoyed it, trawling the streets of the capital, visiting a museum, some shops and taking a bus tour of the city. It's a day I won't forget and I have Brian to thank for that. He's a fabulous friend. If only he lived nearer. We ended the day in a Chinese restaurant on Castle Street with Phyllis and Rita. What a laugh we had. Read all about it, here.

In other news:

We've received a cease and desist notice from the original Chip Shop Boys' lawyers, hence a third name change in as many weeks. We're now officially Rumours Of Whores. I promise, we won't rechristen ourselves again. Ever.

Watch this space for some exciting Rumours Of Whores news coming up very soon, dear fan.

Also, my iPod is playing up. It's not importing songs from iTunes and I'm teetering on the edge of sanity over it.

And I could do with a fag.



RIC said...

(I can only hope this last line wasn't meant for me... I do know fags get burned in Scotland!)

As for your precious account of the days, magnificent as always.
Yes, I'd be very sad too, no doubt about that. When friends come from abroad, the first day is like paradise, and the last one like hell, at least for me...
You'll pull through, I'm sure you will!
Enjoy Rumours of Whores! (OmG!!!) :-)

RIC said...
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Wells Alternative Carnival said...

Rumours Of Whores are very close to announcing their second release. If anyone would like to offer a contract, we'd be pleased to hear it. Not too pleased, of course, but ecstatic all the same. Run girl, run...

J.a.G. said...

Ooh, cease and desist. You can't help but be famous.

A Novelist said...

That's a great picture...it really captures the moment well. I'm glad you had a good visit with him. :)