Wednesday, August 30, 2006


One hundred things I'd like to do:

1 Visit Minnesota
2 Have lunch with Dan Cruikshank
3 Grow a full head of hair
4 Publish a successful novel
5 Cross the equator on foot
6 Get to #1 in the singles charts with Rumours Of Whores
7 Visit Peru
8 Visit Brasil
9 Rid the world of all spiders
10 Go into outer space
11 Be a muscle-mary
12 Be disgracefully rich
13 Have a private jet
14 Learn to fly a helicopter
15 Be more proficient in crochet
16 Be more proficient in knitting
17 Learn to play the piano
18 Be closer to my friends
19 Not be so nervous
20 Be more forgiving
21 Learn HTML
22 Live somewhere warmer
23 Drive a Shinkansen
24 Clone my dogs
25 Eat healthily
26 Learn to drive a car
27 Stop biting my nails
28 Stop picking my nose
29 Hug more people
30 More people hug me
31 More hugs from the people who do hug me
32 Smoke weed
33 Clone myself
34 Buy a very expensive knitting machine
35 Practice my German
36 Practice my French
37 Practice my Spanish
38 Learn Dutch again
39 Find Marie Petrová
40 Learn to sing (in tune)
41 Remember people's birthdays
42 Have a farm
43 Grow old without wishing I wasn't growing old
44 Go skiing
45 See The Niagra Falls
46 Be someone's Godfather
47 Have a magic wand
48 Be good at spelling
49 Be able to take good photographs
50 Get a stalker
51 Learn how to speed read
52 Be able to tell people that I love, that I care about them
53 Learn how to darn properly
54 Paint more often
55 Have a part in Doctor Who
56 Have another general anaesthetic
57 Go and see a stage play/musical at least three nights a week
58 Invent a teleportation device
59 Have the ability to bring people back from the dead
60 Visit The Lebanon
61 See a Democrat in The White House
62 See a real Socialist in 10 Downing Street
63 Smoke with gay abandon
64 Be good at chess
65 Pinch children that I dislike
66 Be more candid
67 Write letters by hand
68 Spend more time in bed
69 Learn Esperanto
70 Live in a large stone-built 18th or 19th Century house
71 Go swimming at night
72 Go swimming in the rain
73 Take a road trip
74 Be alone for a whole month
75 Understand who and what I really am
76 Belive in something
77 Be Neil Tennant's best friend
78 Understand why anyone would vote Tory or Republican
79 Go to the moon
80 Sing a duet with Our Glorious Leader
81 Ban chavism
82 Eat more beans
83 Not be so obsessed with food
84 Go back to senior school again
85 Have a time machine
86 Take growth hormones
87 Upset the neighbours
88 Read the Bible from cover to cover
89 Be a flasher
90 Have a day go by without indigestion
91 Plant a forest
92 Have a more butch voice
93 Have my vision corrected
94 Have a home cinema
95 Converse with my dogs
96 Make a kilt
97 Go on the Queen Mary II
98 Take part in a riot
99 Read people's minds
100 Think of 100 interesting things that I'd like to do.


PJS said...

I am SO WITH YOU on number nine, and I will happily explain number seventy-eight to you sometime.

P.S.- there have been oodles of Democrats in the White House.

RIC said...

Well, I'm for it all, no doubt, since those are your wishes, but... You wouldn't be human ever again, so you wouldn't be Minge for me. I'd miss you then, I guess.

(Some of the ideas may be dangerous to the whole world, like: 9, 23, 26 and 33. I guess...) :-)

~drew emborsky~ said...

Ditto 77. Invite me next time he stops by...

Lucas said...

Wow! Visit MN is #1? I'm so proud and I secretly hope that me and my MN blogging pals had something to do with that.

Also, if you can master #28, it will help immensely with #25! ;)

David said...

Dang it PJS, you beat me to it in regards to #78.

Oh and #98 is not fun. I almost shit myself thinking that I could have been kicked out of State.

Moncrief Speaks said...

What an amazing, fantastic list!

Minge said...

I just love lists. And I love the people in MN! Spiders are gross and must be done. Is St Pat could do it to snakes in Ireland, why can't someone do it to spiders in the whole world? I know there have been oodles of Democrats in the White House, but I can't more! And no Republicans! Stem cell research, please! Please, PJS, explain #78 to me! Driving a Shinkansen wouldn't be so dangerous. As far as I'm aware, it practically drives itself! Drew, if Neil pops by, I'll get you to come over for tea and bikkies. Oh, and Lucas, I don't eat my bogies! That's gross! David, you were in a riot???

gab said...

very goodones but where am i?

A Novelist said...

This is a beautiful list! I hope they all come true for you... ;)

Minge said...

You're always in my heart, Gab.

trying2hide said...

A wonderful list.

Would you like me to help you with any of them?

I have a secret.
Do you like secrets Minge?

Minge said...

I like secrets and always keep them.

trying2hide said...

Oh goody!

David said...

Yeah, State students seem to have a problem with losing in sports--particularly basketball. Some of us also have a tendancy to go outside and watch the riot instead of staying inside. Was I in a riot? I will go with "no" on that one.