Thursday, August 17, 2006

Eddie Mair's blog

There's a new blog on the block, dear reader, and it will make for very interesting reading, indeed:


The author is Eddie Mair, my favourite journalist, not only for his devastatingly good looks, wit and general campery, but for his ability to cleverly fool his prey into divulging the most fabulous information by making them feel at ease with his humour and affability.

He's a bitch with a smile.

He's the good cop on PM. The bad cop is Carolyn Quinn. She's a total crack-whore. A fabulous crack-whore, though, of course.

I remember, as children, Alan and I would play good cop/bad cop. I would be a very butch detective and he would be a slutty young WPC, forever removing her panties in some strange attempt to get our suspect to confess everything. It always worked. The sight of his/her mangina was enough to make anyone say anything we wanted. On one occasion, while she was staying with us in Armadale on her annual Scottish holiday, we even got the Queen to confess that she was Lord Lucan!


Minge said...

OMG! They posted my comment! I'm 94!

Harry Giles said...

Hello. I see you stalked me via the PM Comments page. How lovely! Feel free to hang around; I shall.

Minge said...

Lovely to see you, Harry. I shall continue to stalk you.

Blog Off said...

I want some of whatever medication it is you're on right now, hen!

Minge said...

Valium and codeine.

Nathalie said...

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