Saturday, August 12, 2006


Brian is currently on the train and is due to arrive into Edinburgh Waverley at 1610. He left a message for us on our telephone while we were out at the supermarket.

I'm crapping myself as I'm yet to get a hair cut, hoover* the stairs or wash the kitchen floor. Yet I find the time to blog...! Curious! LOL!

*I shouldn't say hoover, although we tend to in the UK. It's a brand. I would say vacuum, but I don't have a vacuum cleaner either. It's a Dyson and works on the principle of cyclones. So I guess I should say I'm going to cyclone the stairs. But that sounds ridiculous. To say I'm going to dyson the stairs sounds even worse. What should I say, dear reader?


PJS said...

I do hope you'll inform Brian that we've been awake for HOURS and have no Haiku Saturday yet.

(PJS checks watch)

Kapitano said...

Try saying "Clean the stairs".

I'm just waiting for some pics of Brian himself.

Minge said...

I'll upload the clean photos as soon as I can.

I'm waiting for Haiku Saturday, too. Wasn't Rand going to do it? Off to check!

"Clean the stairs," makes me feel like a scrubber.

RIC said...

What about «dustsucking»? Isn't that what the machine does after all?
All the best for your rendez-vous! :-)

Voix said...

I'd say sweep the stairs but it doesn't have the right ping to it.

Vacuum is what we say around here.

I thought you didn't like cleaning, Minge -- and I know that Brian won't care how clean your stairs are.

He's just not that kind of guy.

But don't play him in Scrabble, he'll kick your ass.

Minge said...

Yes, Ric, I like sucking best.

Sweep is good. I might get a broom. I don't know why I don't have one already. Most witches do.

Of course, you're right, Michèle, I hate cleaning. That's why I've had to do it today. I've not done it since 1977, you see.

Thanks for the tip. Scrabble will stay locked away in the cupboard.

I'll take good care of him until tomorrow when he goes off on his epic journey. He must have a lot of stamina. I couldn't do it.