Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Small world

This is very spooky.

A pal sent me an email this morning, asking me to look at a blog with an entry about inappropriate URLs.

I took a look - and saw Brian and Lex Ham Rand in the comments section! How spooky is that?

Click here to take a look at the blog entry for yourself, dear reader.


ucallmemadam said...

Is it safe to open this link up at work?

Minge said...

Yes, you just get a blog entry, no pictures.

Brian said...

Minge, I'm shocked. You don't read my blog very carefully, do you? That blog from Jess Lourey? She's one of my authors. I've talked about her a couple times, promoted her blog and her book.

I think I may cry.

But I'm fascinated that someone else sent you the link to her blog. I wonder how many hits she's getting based on that.

Minge said...

I have probably looked at her blog before Brian. I know I've looked at everyone in your list. But, really, if I looked at all the blogs on everyones lists, I'd be here all day. Oh shit. I am here all day.

Don't cry. Minge will make it all better.

Jess Lourey said...

Brian, you should have left it as an X-Files-like conspiracy that Minge was led to my blog. Or a God Intervention (I am sure it is his way of thanking me for moose-knuckling Ladies Against Feminism in my blog today. He likes a good giggle as much as the rest of us.).

Minge said...


Hi Jess!

Voix said...

Hey -- that link was on my blog just a few days ago, too.

We're all a very incestuous group, aren't we?

Must be a little blogger love fest.

Minge said...

Where have you been?