Friday, August 25, 2006


Oh, the week in review... It only seems two minutes since I did the last one. Where does all the time go, dear reader?

After a fabulous meal out with Alan, Brian left bonnie Scotland for London. Raquel had a birthday, The Hoff thought it was Christmas, we were glad it was Monday, hats were modelled, Ric compared letters and numbers, Graham brought us The Rose Of Tralee, Kapitano has been getting to know SynthEdit, Harry took a trip to Auld Reekie, Moncrief Speaks gave us Mark (part III), PJS wanted his ninth planet back, Al found it difficult to find an internet café, China revealed her naughty side, Voix told us that she's a really bad Catholic, Phyllis deleted his blog (again) and Zona got all porny.

Seven things on The Fringe...

I've started late this year, dear reader! Yesterday, Robin and I saw:

Last Tuesday

A piece, essentially, about a train crash. What happens when the commuters' routine is derailed by tregedy? Well, not a lot. They were shocked and upset, and expressed that quite well, but the piece lacked structure and cohesion. I'm still baffled as to why and how an injured girl moved about the train, still moving, after it had crashed, and none of the other passengers knew anything had happened to the train. Was it a nod to The Sixth Sense? Were they all dead and didn't know it? Or was there no crash and the girl was a ghost? More questions than answers - and that's where the piece falls down. I can't fault the actors. If only they'd chosen a better (and longer - at only thrity minutes) play to perform.

The "It" Boy

My favourite of the day. An original comic-tragic musical exploring gender and prejudice. Castoffs Youth Theatre Group really excelled an this camp and hilarious vocal masterpiece. Straight boy likes to dress up as a girl. Friends find out. Friends (and girlfriend) drop cross-dresser. Spooks from his mirror come to his aid. Boy saves someone's life. Girlfriend makes up with cross-dresser.

My favourite spook was the hijra, Zarri Banoo. The actor is an icon in the making.

Now, if only John Waters could get hold of this and turn it into a movie...

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!

This could have been fabulous. There were some really touching moments, songs sung beautifully, very well acted, constructed quite professionally and the music was to die for. BUT. The venue was terrible. All the seating was on one level and the stage was low. Unless the actors were stood up (and they spent the majority of the time sat on a bench), I could see nothing among a sea of heads. And the seats were hard and uncomfortable. Oh, and someone sat near me kept doing really stinky silent farts. Gross.

One Night At The Caravan Club

We met Gerry, something of a cross between Quentin Crisp and Kenneth Williams, telling his life story through recollection, a rummage through his suitcase and songs.

Quite beautiful, funny and bitter-sweet. He had me whisper in his ear that I loved him. Other members of the audience were taught how to act queer, go cottaging and how to dance with another man.


We have three other things to see today, fitting in with my theme of seven. Phew. We start the day quite late, at 1800, with:

Miss Dis'Grace/Diamond Johnny

Grace sacrificed the one thing she inherited - Toni's drag act. Six years later, their son wishes she hadn't.

Then, later:

Murder At The Savoy

A classic whodunnit with song.

Hey Diddle Diddle...

An enchanting new musical dealing with the complexities of living in a world where dreams come true with consequences and cows get lost beyond the moon.

We're in for a fun-filled day, dear reader.

The last seven songs, according to iTunes, that I've played:

Schizophrenic - Rumours Of Whores
Burning Rubber
- Rumours Of Whores
Burning Rubber [Dolly Mix]
- Rumours Of Whores
Come (And Be A Lesbian)
- Rumours Of Whores
So Excited (I Could Vomit)
[80s Techno Remix] - Rumours Of Whores
So Excited (I Could Vomit) [Dirty Bitch Radio Edit]
- Rumours Of Whores
Disremembrance - Dannii Minogue

Seven items of clothing I'm wearing today:

Gap khakis
Gap polo shirt
2 x M&S brown socks
Next belt
Gap boxer-briefs (size: medium - colour: blue)
H&M green cap

Seven ingredients I like cooking with (though not necessarily in the same dish):


Seven people I'd like to meet:

Margaret Thatcher
Tony Benn
George Clooney
Huw Edwards
Moira Stuart
Liza Minnelli
Michael Carson

Seven questions:

Whatever happened to Liz Taylor?
Why is television news obsessed with sport?
Why are Britons so against immigration?
Why can't Pluto be a planet?
Why don't I trust the police?
Why do Catholic Priests love young boys?
Why does no-one tell Margaret Beckett that she looks a mess?

What do you suppose is in store for us next week, dear reader?

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