Sunday, August 20, 2006

Italian for beginners

XWiz and I are, at this very moment, dear reader, working on a song. I can exclusively reveal, here and now, that it's a euro-pop disco stomper called Burning rubber.

But, Houston, we have a problem:

Neither XWiz nor I know how to pronounce Lo sposerete. It's Italian.

We're guessing it's low sposs urh aytay.

Help! If you can speak Italian, dear reader, or at least advise us on pronunciation, please help us out in the comments section. We'll be very grateful, I can tell you.


Kapitano said...

Being scottish, your vowels are closer to italian than my southern english ones - in that italian vowels are 'pure' and don't turn into glides or diphthongs.

The 'e's of 'sposerete' are more like 'air' than the 'ay' in 'bay'. You transcribe the 'or' as 'urh' but it's more like 'oar'. Your 'low' should be more like 'law'.

Pronounce vowels in what for english speakers is an exaggerated way (even a face-pulling way).

So 'Lo Sposerete' is something like: Loh sposs-air-et-air. Emphasis on the 'et'.

The 'r' is of course rolled, and the 'p' and 't' a bit less breathy than us southerners would make them.

Having studied phonetics many years ago, I can tell you all this, but I have no idea what "sposerete" means. Hope this helps.

RIC said...

«You will marry him»...?

Wells Alternative Carnival said...

That's not too dissimilar from how I've pronounced it, then... :)

I'm not very good at rolling my 'r's, though.