Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The night

Ten things I love about the night:

1) It's quiet.

2) You're less likely to see/meet anyone on the street.

3) The telephone isn't going to ring.

4) You can see foxes.

5) No-one's going to knock on the door.

6) No wasps or flies are going to bother me.

7) Necessary silence tames my coffee addiction.

8) No cooking smells outside to tempt me.

9) We all feel better in the dark.

10) Seeing the twinkling stars reminds me how insignificant EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is.


RIC said...

Bingo! On the target! Sur la mouche! For a night guy like me, no better, nicer words could ever come my way tonight! Congratulations, Minge!
Thanks a lot!!!

zona boy said...

beauty is just a light switch away

Minge said...

The night begins to turn your head around.