Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I'd like to see Bloggers: Real Internet Diaries as soon as possible. Chiefly, out of interest and slightly because I'd like to know what it is, about a blog, what makes it so special, that someone would want to turn it into a play.

I suppose it would have to be a continuous narrative. My blog would make a shit play, continual bitching, snide comments and copious amounts of tosh...

Three blogs that would make interesting plays are:

Looking out of the closet

I wish I knew


My secret world... With you

I would love to read a blog that was built, by its author, with the desire to have it turned into a play. How differently would our blogs be, dear reader, if we all had this in mind?

Similarly, how different would the books be that we read if the authors wrote them with the view of having them turned into Hollywood movies?


alessandro said...

well, I am honored that you chose my blog, but I think that all that proves is that my blog is full of too much exaggerated drama and whining on my part :)

I have no idea how I would go about creating a play based on my blog, or a blog with the intention of being a play...there is a reason I work with computers and technology...I have precisely zero creativity...lol

RIC said...

I agree with you, Minge. Those blogs are works in progress indeed, no matter what the respective bloggers think and say. Even if they think, as Alessandro, they are not creative at all, the changing of those blogs into plays is something I find not only possible but also quite useful.
Those blogs tell of interior dramas that are unfolding day after day.
Being a man of literature, I should add that the word «drama» as used before as no sentimental «weight»; let's just say it means «plot».

Minge said...

Alessandro, Ric is right...

Your blog would make a great play because it is a story and heartfelt.