Thursday, April 27, 2006

What it feels like for a girl

Girls can wear jeans
Cut their hair short
Wear shirts and boots
’cause it’s ok to be a boy
But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading
’cause you think that being a girl is degrading
But secretly you’d love to know what it’s like
Wouldn’t you
What it feels like for a girl


Sylvie said...

yeah it's unfair, isn't it ;)
but I have seen boys with long hair and wearing long black leather skirts or kilts.
mhmhm yummy ;)
But it's probably normal for them and me, being fond of metal-music and mediaevalism and all ...

I've always liked long hair, no matter what gender ;)

Minge said...

Sylive! Wo bist du, Schatz!?!?

zona boy said...

it's different for girls according to Joe Jackson

Blog Off said...

where are you getting all these avid readers from?

Lucas said...

It feels great being a girl. I love that I can play up my hard or soft edge depending on my mood. I can look inviting or I can look like I'm in the mood to kick your ass just because you exist. It's too bad that society will accept whichever look I decide on that day and I can walk down the street unharrassed but you can't. I hope you do it anyway though.

Minge said...

INteresting ideas floating around. You see, I don't think it's degrading to be a girl. I see no shame in mimicing femininity (I have issues about actually being feminine - that's a whole other topic) and embrace it.

Also, it's great to put two fingers up at convention and just be what you feel you are. And who cares if you feel you're one thing at breakfast time and something completely else at lunch time?

Minge said...

Weil ich ein mädchen bin.

Sylvie said...

it's sylvie, not sylive, but I'll forgive you just for this time *g*

I'm where I have always been ;)
(if you were my boyfriend, I could write now "inside your heart and soul and hopefully I will never have to move out there" or something like that), but as you're not, I have just been around, you know, experiencing things and stuff ;)

sometimes I really like this life and sometimes I absolutely don't.

I just want to live in harmony and peace and in a flowery garden *g* I think I might be a hippie inside of my heart ;)
still, I'm wearing black gothic outfits instead. nice mixture ^^
and kinda fragile as well.

Sylvie said...

oh and before I forget.. "weil ich ein mädchen bin, weil ich ein määäädchen bin, komm doch mal rüber Mann und setz dich zu mir hin, weil ich ein Mädchen bin, keine Widerrede Mann, weil ich ja sowieso gewinn, weil ich ein Mädchen bin" ;)
Lucilectric for the win ^^

Minge said...

LOL! Sylvie (not Sylive - I type too fast sometimes and lose my way), I remember that song!

I think we're both hippies to a certain extent. And we're quite idealistic.