Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Phyllis and I sat in on the Enterprise and Culture Committee today at the Scottish Parliament.

And we were on the news!

Go here (you have less than 24 hours) and click on the "Use the BBC Scotland Player..." Choose "news programmes" then "Reporting Scotland 1830 - 1900 Monday - Friday" - Eight minutes and thirty seconds into the programme, a report on Scottish Enterprise begins. Not long after that, you see a guy being interviewed by the committee. Ian and I are sat right behind him! You'll see us about three or four times!



Ian and I were on Newsnight Scotland tonight!

You can watch us on the internet, but you only have 24 hours to do so.

See if you can spot us. I'm chewing my finger.

Click here

and then:

Newsnight Scotland, presented by Gordon Brewer and Anne Mackenzie,
looks in depth at topical news and current affairs from the Scottish
perspective. The programme is broadcast from 2300 to 2320.

"Click here to watch Newsnight Scotland."



Dan said...

Wooohooo Spammmmmm

Minge said...

I'm going to have to bloody well do that word verification thingy, aren't I!?!?

Brian said...

Yes. Yes you are.

Welcome to Blogland. You're a big boy now.

Minge said...

Do I have to?

AlgulSiento said...

Minge, if you come back to the Parliament then let me know when you are coming and we can meet up. I can give you the proper tour and we could get some lunch maybe?