Monday, April 24, 2006


I just realised how very few photographs I have of Phyllis and I together.

I suppose that's the case for a lot of couples. One is always taking photographs of the other. I expect friends and family have more photos of us together than we do.

I could find all of four images of the two of us together on our wee computer, so uploaded them to Image Shack, made a slide show and bunged it on my blog.

The one with a caption, something about being somewhere on the west coast of Scotland... Well, two people to whom we only refer now as the fuckwits took that photograph of us. Where exactly it's taken, I couldn't tell you.

We went on holiday to Portugal with the fuckwits after having known them for about six months. It made us want to know them no longer.

One of the fuckwits continually acted like a spoilt child while the other tried continually to butter him up. It was vile to watch.

We stayed in a time-share-villa-kind-of-thingy that my brother has. Now, I didn't want them to get down on their knees, but a wee, "Thank you," or, "Please thank your brother for us," wouldn't have gone a miss. They just wanted to spend all day and night in the pub licking each other's cold sores. They were scheme-queens and, to be frank, they repulsed me. I could give many more examples of their horrid behaviour, but it's boring now, to be honest. However, I will say this: one of them liked Elton John.

For the love of Jesus.

Elton John!

Yes, I know. Elton John.

We returned from that holiday and never saw them again.

The fuckwits will have had quite a few photographs of the two of us together. However, I hope they've destroyed them. The very idea of them looking at me makes me feel physically sick.

The photographs included here were taken in December 2004 on our ill-fated trip to the USA. I'll keep that story for another time.


Brian said...

Ohh. I want to hear about the ill-fated USA trip.

Dan said...

And more about the Fuckwits!

Of course, they could be using your photos as late-night fodder to keep things hot between them, if you catch my drift....

Brian said...

And you've just been spammed. Time to turn on the verification filter.

Unless you're into cock-massive.

Oh my God, look who I'm talking to...

Blog Off said...

wow.... your first spam! fab. who are the fuckwits and what's their address so that I can send a shit in a bag to them. Ill fated US trip? lol

Minge said...

Cock massive!?!?