Thursday, April 27, 2006

Our Glorious Leader

Madonna's Confessions On A Dance Floor tour has sold out around the world. Some details of what to expect:

Live To Tell will be performed on a crucifix.

Music is just an instrumental interlude during which her dancers will roller-skate before Madge skates on to sing Everybody.

Three themed sections - equestrian, Middle East and disco.

Set list is - Future Lovers, Get Together, Like a Virgin, Jump, Live to Tell, Forbidden Love, Isaac, Sorry, Like It Or Not, Sorry (remix), I Love New York, Let It Will Be, Ray of Light, Drowned World/Substitute for Love, Paradise (Not For Me), Music, Everybody, Deeper and Deeper, Lucky Star, Hung Up.

Do you think Sorry (remix) will be the PSB Maxi Mix?

Take a look at the photograph. You can see the aforementioned crucifix along with the costume designer, Jean Paul Gaultier and a couple of dancers.

It's going to be fabulous.

I gleaned all this information from Popbitch.

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