Friday, April 28, 2006

Je m'appelle Minge

Je m'appelle Minge. J'ai 33 ans. J'ai les yeux brun, les cheveaux brun. J'habite a Edinburgh en Ecosse.

Une verre de limonade, s'il vous plaît.


Bon après-midi. Est-ce qu'il y a un homme près d'ici?

Shit, see what happens when you don't use a language for almost twenty years? You end up reciting stuff from your first ever French lesson.

And I expect the spelling is totally fucked.

Oops, I just swore. I'm such a rebel.

To cut to the chase. I am not Spock. I am Minge. I am not Roy. I am not Roysie. I am not Bender. I am not Royston. I am not Taps. I am Minge.

However, I don't want to be Minge.

I want to be something else.

I'd like to be a chrysalis, but I'm not even that. I don't know if I even feel like a caterpillar. I think I'm still an egg. But a thirty three year old egg.


Time's marching on. It looks like it's not only Phyllis who's having a mid-life crisis.

When do I get to be a butterfly?


Voix said...

Not bad for someone who's out of practice.

We're always in the middle of reinventing ourselves, you know. There isn't anything wrong with acknowledging that.

It's only a crisis if you let it slow you down.

Who do you want to be? Now change one thing. Then wait a little bit and change another.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by your friendly, neighborhood American French teacher.


Minge said...


I've slowed down to such an extent, that I've stopped!

Change, my dear.

Sylvie said...

I never liked changes.
Much too often they were bad.

Still, it's the little things that count, that drive you crazy, or that can make you happy.
So starting with little changes is not a bad idea.
When I plan to clean my room, I always do little corners at a time, because otherwise it's just too much and I get bored ;)

I like butterflies .. some years ago I was with a witch or shaman or something like that, and she asked me what animal I could imagine for a totem-animal .. you know, animals that accompany you in your "soul-worlds", and I spontaneously thought of a butterfly.
I also like turtles and rabbits ;)
But my first thought was a butterfly.

did you ever notice that "minge" and "wings" rhyme? :)
hello minge, go and try your new butterfly wings :)
go not too high, though.

AlgulSiento said...

Minge - bless you. Thank you very much for leaving my first comments on my "Inside the Hatch" blog - and also for putting it on your list of blog links. Very kind of you. A week in, and no comments at all - so it was lovely to get yours. Thanks very much. Merci beaucoup!

Minge said...

I love to leave something behind!


I bet you can't wait for it to start!