Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ten facts

Ten facts about today. One of them isn't true. Do you know which one it is?

1) I woke up at 09:15
2) I forgot to feed the dogs and only remembered at 11:30
3) I spied on my neighbour and her washing line
4) I got two voicemails from Robin
5) No-one contacted me to say they'd seen me on Newsnight
6) I farted over fifty times
7) I had white pudding and chips for my tea
8) I had a shower just after 10:00 and then got dressed
9) Someone called me on the home telephone, shouting, "Hi! I'm in Twickenham!"
10) I booked a hotel in Newcastle


Blog Off said...

hotel in newcastle is the odd one out.... by the way, I didn't see you on newsnight sorry!

Minge said...

You little bitch!

ucallmemadam said...

You did not have a shower at 10?

Minge said...

Yay! I was in the shower at about half past nine!


Blog Off said...

come on... be fair! How could I see you on newsnight? I'm in fucking Ukraine and that bitch Wark is banned in this country (she has an opinion on things, you see)

Minge said...

I love Kirst.

zona boy said...


Minge said...

Sadly, 5) is true. Though loads of people told Ian that they'd seen him.