Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Washing (part IV)

My neighbour's got more washing out on her line - and I think I see method in the besom's clartie madness.

The washing line was empty for all of five minutes, then, lo and behold, there was more washing on it.

I now see what she's up to:

She does a load of washing, then, come rain or shine, she puts it out on her line. She leaves it there until she's done another load of washing, whether that be an hour, a day or a week later. She brings the washing in off of the line and replaces it with the lot she's just done and then starts the cycle again.

The dirty midden.

I know her little game.

I should be a private detective!


A Novelist said... you think she know's your on to her...? LOL. :)

Voix said...

I love blog posts that teach me new vocabulary.

Minge said...

I'm going to be checking my stats to see if anyone else in Edinburgh's been reading my blog - and if they have, I know she's been reading!

I love a vocab leson. Pride comes before a fall, but I've always been proud knowing that the sister at the hospital told my Mum that, for a two year old, my vocabulary was amazing.

It all went down hill from there, though, sadly.

Brian said...

Minge. Sweetie. Honey. Pussycat.


Minge said...

I'm trying, Brian, I'm trying.

Blog Off said...


Minge said...

Rita, I knew you were going to say that! Honestly, I kept checking in to see if you'd put it.