Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Wir waren in The Borders gestern. It was fabulous. A new year trip to visit Phyllis' brother was in order, so just before lunch we drove south for just less than an hour. We soon found ourselves in Galashiels (which is a chav town in waiting, apparently) and, after a short detour to see the new and infamous Tesco and Asda stores, arrived at David's house.

He's a very freindly man and quite normal, which sometimes comes as welcome relief, dear reader.

We chatted, ate his soup and cheese sandwiches (phyllie had ham) and then headed out for a walk. We soon found a lovely wee pig in a field. He was quite the fatty and had a couple of strange dangly warts near his chin. Oh, and very friendly. If I'd known we were going to see him, I'd have taken him an apple. I'm told apple goes very well with pork. Sorry. That wasn't even funny. And there was me, trying to make my beau and his bro' feel bad about having eaten ham.

We walked around the edge of the town, through some fields and along the riverside for about two hours stopping briefly to have a wee look at Abbotsford House, the former home of the late Sir Walter Scott. Mes filles loved it.

On our return to David's house, his daughter (Ian's niece) Lou Lou joined us. She's training to be a nurse and is quite fabulous. I'd even go so far as to say I adore her. She's a wee bit shy, but very friendly, warm, thoughtful and inquisitive.

Then David got his big shiny instrument out and encouraged us all to have a blow. Ian commented that his tonguing and fingering skills might be a wee bit rusty, but he'd give it a go. He did and we all followed suit.

Parp, parp.


David did very well, being a member of a band. He usually plays trombone. He reminds me of Chris Lowe in the What have I done to deserve this? video.

Since you went away, I've been hanging around. I've been wondering why I'm feeling down.

Even Ian managed to crank out something of a tune. He's very talented with his fingers and mouth, dear reader.

At night the poeple come and go. They talk too fast and walk too slow.

After our musical interlude, we all headed off to an Indian restaurant in the town. Click here to see Ian at der Tisch. I ate the same Dansac dish as I'd eaten with Brian back in August in Glasgow. I thought of him as I ate. I also had a Peshwari Naan. I adore them above all others.

I couldn't eat it all. My appetite is tiny these days... So why am I so fat?


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you. Did you hear about getting your cash back for the PSB tickets?

Minge said...

Am in the throws of it, just now. We are "guaranteed" a refund, apparently. If only the people who sold the tickets would answer their telephone! Gggrrr!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Minge, you're really very fat indeed! Judging by the photos you've been posting, that may turn into a rather serious problem for you... Please!...
I do love your double meaning speech! That I can understand, I think...

Minge said...

If I held my stomach out over the table, would you cut it off with an axe? I'd like to see you get your chopper out.