Friday, January 19, 2007


Take That, dear reader, are back in the limelight. Not to be outdone, Robbie Williams is back with his irrepressible personality in the form of a new single and a bizarre in drag appearance on You Tube.

Jason Donovan was once loved by the gays. They turned on him after the The Face fisco. Robbie might have worried we'd turn on him, as well, after suing a newspaper for suggesting he sucked off a bloke in Manchester. Don't worry, Rob, you're not Jason and history isn't about to repeat itself.

We fell out of love with Jason because he thought his sexuality (and affair with Philip Schofield) was a big deal. Robbie's never thought it important. It's refreshing.

What's also refreshing is his new album, Rudebox. Although some claim the songs are hit or miss, a stand out track is She's Madonna, the new single. When I first saw his drag video, I hoped it would be just a teaser of what was to come to accompany the single. I wasn't disappointed. You can view it here, hen.

It's undoubtedly the best track on the album. He not only manages to quote Madonna's song titles and lyrics, but parodies them. And with lines like We're having drinks with Kate and Stella, Gwyneth's here, she's brought her fella and She's got to be obscene to be believed - Robbie certainly has a hit on his hands.

But why a song about Madonna?

Robbie used to date Tania Strecker. Before dating Robbie, Tania was seeing Guy Ritchie. He broke up with her on meeting Our Glorious Leader. Why? Your guess is as good as mine, dear reader, but, apparently, Tania told Robbie that Guy's parting words to her were, "Look, you know I really love you, but she's Madonna."

Oh, and can you hear Neil Tennant doing back-up? And can you hear Pet Shop Boys influence in the production? That'll be because they produced it (along with another track on the album, We're The Pet Shop Boys). Isn't it fabulous? Pet Shop Boys, Madonna and Robbie Williams, all rolled into one. Any gay man's (wet) dream.

PS/Saturday 20th January 2007 09:18

EMI demanded You Tube take down the video I'd originally linked. I've found another, here, but be quick, as EMI are bound to ask the same. If they do, just do a search on You Tube. Someone else will have surely uploaded it. I can't understand EMI. Do they not want publicity for Rob?


Anonymous said...

I only like one Robbie song: No Regrets. The Tania/ Guy story is a myth by the way. Guy was single when he met la Madge. Robbie himself has said that it's not true, but he's not *always* so truthful, is he?

Minge said...

Robbie is hypocrisy personified. I love No Regrets, too. Neil sings on that one, as well!

Do you think Rob's at least bi?

And I had no idea the Tania/Guy story was a myth. I'm disappointed now. I love salacious gossip.

Anonymous said...

I do like his version of Noel Coward's "Bad Times Are Just Around the Corner", as well. Which, I seem to recall, featured production work by Neil. Although I will always wonder what it would've sounded like if Neil had been able to convince Morrissey to record it.

Minge said...

No idea Morrissey might have been involved. Sounds delicious! Never mind. We'll just have to make do with Eurovision!

What did you make of the video and all the drag queens? What's all that about?

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to go to the links at work, but that photo you posted completely freaked me out. I actually thought it was Madonna. I was going to say that it looked like she had put on weight. (His pose is a little Mae West...)

matty said...

I can't get YouTube to work! I didn't realize that there was now a vid-clip for She's Madonna!

I really like his new CD. I didn't care so much for the one before this one (tho I did enjoy the LP art -- nude shots of Robbie are always appreciated!)

And, yeah -- I think The Pet Shop Boys have been influencing a lot of sounds lately! ...even the queen -- Madonna!!!

Minge said...

Bill, that IS Madonna! And don't worry, none of the links will get you into trouble at work - apart from the Madonna picture, I suppose. Boobs and work don't tend to mix.

Oh, Matty, keep trying with You Tube or just do a search on it. It's worth it, if only to see all the drag queens and Robbie in full drag himself!

Anonymous said...

Jeez-O-Pete, there's egg on my face now. That means I have to turn in my Certificate of Gayness for not recognizing Our Fearless Leader. Or being able to differentiate genders. In my defense, I don't tend to spend too much time looking at tits, so I'm always slightly flummoxed when confronted by them. Too bad, I was so looking forward to a lifetime of never being straight. *sob*

I did watch it, and it is brilliant. If only more videos featured a cast of drag queens. And, of course, PSB production.

RE: Boobs and work -- it depends on the work.

matty said...

I just got to view it via Hot Lunch's site!

I LOVE it! ...and, I hadn't been all that crazy about that particular track, but now I think I like it!

Robbie in drag. He enjoys a bit of drag now and again doesn't he?

I love all those bitter drag queens! ...reminds me of some of my friends who hang about the Tenderloin.

Minge said...

Bill, you naughty lady! You should look at Moncrief's blog. He's featured a book containing information on how a woman can know if a man is straight!


Matty, tell us about The Tenderloin.

coal2k said...

Jeeeezus... I wish I had the body to wear that dress. I also wish JPG was my live-in fashion designer. Can you imagine the Saturday nights?!

Minge said...

I can imagine the Saturday nights! And, hen, you do have the body!