Monday, January 15, 2007


Tomorrow is a very important day. Be sure, dear reader, I'll be blogging about it, that subject which is very close to my cold, black heart.

For a teaser, click here to listen to a segment from today's radio and prepare for 明日!

In other news:

I'm about to turn word verification back on. Some anonymous spammer seems obsessed with my Donnie Darko post from many moons ago and advertises filth there at least once a day. I've religiously gone in, day in, day out and deleted said marketing, but am a bit tired of it now, so will rely on electronic measures for a while.

I'll turn word verification off again sometime soon. When the spammer's given up. And I hope they do. What's attracting them to my Donnie Darko musings is beyond me.

1 comment:

Lewis said...

Weirdos everywhere! Crazy people, strangers, nuts. I guess I'd have to be a member of the club.