Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Who said that the internet wasn't an education, dear reader? Not I, that's for sure!

With special thanks to Jo and Dan, I've today learned how to capture an image of whatever's on my computer screen by simply pressing Apple+shift+3 - that's how it's done on an iMac!

I feel as though this is a real achievement. And it is, dear reader. I'm not joking. Don't forget, I'm incredibly stupid. No, really.

Oh, the actual picture, by the way, is how Minge might look if he were a South Park character. Click here to learn more.


Kapitano said...

Hey, it does look like you! Somehow.

You can also recreate yourself as a Simpsons character, with the Simpsonmaker.

matty said...

Isn't it amazing what an iBook can do!?!!? If only Apple gave us manuals. I am totally retarded with technology.

...My boyfriend is obsessed with Apple. Their big meeting has been going on this week and he is in Heaven. Anyway, he is always showing me these incredible cool things which go right out of my head after he shows me.

I can't even find that address book thing I like to use on my iBook.

I love your blog, by the way. For some odd reason blogger would never let me leave a comment till today!


Blogger jinx over!

Minge said...

Kapitano. Have done the Simpson thing! Thanks!

Matty, do we have the same boyfriend?

Wells Alternative Carnival said...

And if you apple-shift-4 you can draw a box around just the bit you want to capture.

The manual's built into your computer, by the way. Press apple-? and type in 'keyboard shortcuts' or something.

Minge said...

On the case! Thanks, hen!