Saturday, January 06, 2007

Getting personal

If I said, "I mean the world to you," would you try to call me honey?

Moncrief Speaks made a comment a while back, on this blog entry, about drinking from a cup and saucer vs from a World's Best Grandma mug.

I've been looking at this site and am thinking of buying a mug emblazened with the slogan World's Best Minge.

What do you think, dear reader?

I wouldn't drink out of it, God forbid, but would look at it from time to time in an attempt to understand myself and perhaps reinvent myself.

If I told you, yesterday I was somebody else...?

Any thoughts?

Other slogans I've considered:

No brakes on my rollerskates
...And there will be rumours of whores
Uri Geller bent my boyfriend
I'm going too fast
Bald bombshell
Dear reader
So excited, I could vomit!
I'm losing control
Life, freedom, anal sex!
Heaven is a roller-disco
Exciting! Nice to have some rough trade!
Wanking like a Bonobo
You've got male
Ich kann deine verdamde Fotze riechen
Run, girl, run!
Je deteste rock 'n' roll
Bum and Quim
Bugger me
Blow me
Well, I'll be blowed!
I am Liza Minnelli
Escaping reality


Anonymous said...

I think you need a mug with just one word on it, to sum you up perfectly...


zona boy said...

or perhaps "Hung Hen"

Minge said...

Aw, you two... Shucks!

Anonymous said...

"Fabulously Hung Hen"

Anonymous said...

Here are the two slogans that made me have some good laughs:
Wanking like a Bonobo
You've got male
Fabulous! Like you, Minge!... :-)

Minge said...

Aw, bless your heart!