Saturday, January 13, 2007


I used to live here, dear reader. Well, not in the internet, but in the area of Bournemouth as seen above. It's called Wallisdown. My actual address was Foxbase Alpha, 41, Bascott Road. Sadly, I've no clue which bungalow I should be looking at. I've a rough idea, but, since so much has (probably) been changed, I'm finding it difficult to identify anything.

I've found a bungalow for sale on the internet. It's practically the same as my old place, but it's not really helping.

I'm also having a major problem remembering my old post code and telephone number. Am I going mad, hen, or just getting old?

Oh, and this, dear reader, is a lie! It claims that Wallisdown is in Poole. Nonsense! Half of Wallisdown is in Poole, the other half is in Bournemouth. I'd like to find the author of that artice, go to his or her house and force feed said numpty with live wasps.

Yes. I'm in a bitchy mood. Gggrrr!


Carioca said...

Why are you so angry?
Life's beautiful!rs

Old Cheeser said...

You tell 'em Minge,love!

Was the name of your bungalow really Foxbase Alpha? Cosmic! Are you by any chance a Saint Etienne fan?

matty said...

Oh, I'm sorry you're in a bad mood! It looks like you had a lovely home! I hope the current one is as nice or even nicer. At least you don't live in the US -- this would put you in an even bitch-y-er mood I should think.

I can barely remember the address of where I live now so I don't think your failure signifies anything other than it has been a while.

I don't know about you but I've only a few unabused brain cells left thanks to a rather mis-spent youth so I'm OK with losing information that I no loner need.

Isn't everyone a Saint Etienne fan? I thought it was a law or something. I love them.

Minge said...

I'm not angry, just frustrated. And not having a mid-life crisis, but finding middle age difficult to cope with.

My home was really called Foxbase Alpha. I named it after the Saint Etienne album. I thought it was fitting as there were foxes in my garden every evening. I used to put food out for them in the Winter.

I had a lovely house, but I don't know that it was a lovely home. I lived there with my boyfriend of the time. His name was Thomas and he was from Germany. He was cruel. Even if not, everyone should be a Saint Etienne fan. They're fabulous.