Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Please pray, if that's your thing, for Michael Winner.

He's been taken ill and there are rumours flying about that he might have to have a leg amputated.

Click here for the full news story.

Go on, you know you want to.


matty said...

Oh, that is too bad.

I was just chatting with B about the first DEATH WISH film and how disturbing it remains.

I had forgotten he created THE SENTINEL. ...that movie really freaked me out as a child!!

And THE WICKED LADY was such fun! Faye still in Joan Mode whipping the clothing off the towne slut! Priceless!

I hope he pulls thru!

Anonymous said...

Calm Down Dear..... it's only a leg

Old Cheeser said...

You beat me to it Salty ... was going to say the same myself ... in bad taste of course!

He was a directed some dreadful films though I did have a sneaking liking for "Dirty Weekend".

Minge said...

Ooh, you bitches!