Tuesday, January 16, 2007


My top ten French and Saunders sketches as found on You Tube this afternoon (in no particular order):











I would have included the Misery rip off, but could only find it in two parts - and this would mess up my list. You know the perfectionist I am when it comes to lists, dear reader! Anyway, you can find part one here and part two here. I've also failed to include Lucky Bitches and I Should Be So Opera Lucky as I uploaded them earlier today. So, more of a top forteen than a top ten. Enjoy.

Which was your favourite? Sonia? Baywatch? Vera Drake?

My all time favourite simply has to be Lucky Bitches. It means so much to my sister and I. We'd pretend to be Joanie and Jackie all the time, whenever we had a few spare minutes, quick as a flash, the leopard print jump suits would come out.


Anonymous said...


You know I love you. You know I adore you. So please take this with all the love I can muster for you in my heart and beyond:

You. Need. To. Get. A. Hobby.

Too much You Tube will make you grow hair on your palms.

matty said...

I don't think you need a hobby! If you do, then I must need more than a hobby!

I do so love French & Saunders.

I see the numbers on your list but no text?!?!?

Anyway, I think my all time fave F&S sketch is the one where they are two school girls giving their substitute teacher a hard time. On YouTube there is a great skit called, "Jen! Look At My Baby!"

...and, I also enjoy the one where Dawn has found yet another baby in her bed. "Who sings Kinky Boots?"

But, then again, I love them all!

Even the "It's Jackie" skit which I don't really understand because I have never seen celeb big brother.

...wait, are the numbers on your list links?

I'm so smart! I bet they are! OK -- now I need to explore them. Who wants to job hunt today anyway. It is gorgeous outside, I'm sleepy, the music at the cyber cafe is great today and I still have $200 in the bank. ...wait. that's not much.

Of dear.

matty said...

Oh my God! I forgot all about Sonia!!!

I love your list!

Anonymous said...

I always liked the "Ingmar Bergman" bit that they did, in really stark black and white. And I still find myself singing the theme ("French & Saunders, do-de-do-de-do, French & Saunders...") at inconvienant times.

I'll have to check out your list when I get home tonight.

Minge said...

I tried to look for the spoof Italian film they did, but can't find it. I do adore it so!

Merle Oberon.

The March Hare said...

It was the film 'Yossi & Jagger' you commented on on my blog. You said you wanted to see it. Well, have you...?

Old Cheeser said...

Sonia is one of the best bits of all time. Dawn was spot on. What is your favourite drink? The Mersey!

If this had been my list I would have included the Silence of the Lambs skit - Dawn as Hannibal Lecter! Brilliant!

"You're nothing more than poor white trash, are you Jennifer? When you were a little girl you used to ride on your little pony...dreaming...dreaming of going all the way...to the B.B.C."

"I want a room with a view, Jennifer! One that overlooks the Blue Peter garden!"

And Dawn / Hannibal ate her BAFTA awards, as Jennifer attests. "You ate yours!" Dawn/Hannibal: "Yes. With a nice chianta. TTtthhhthhthhhth!!"

Okay, enough.

There pop band skits were brill too - Shakespeare's Sister, Fleetwood Mac...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lucky Bitches! No matter how bad my day is going, I see French & Saunders do this skit and instantly my world is new! :)

Minge said...

Never did see "Yossi and Jagger."


Shakespears Sister rocked my world. It was pure anarchy. Couldn't find it on You Tube, though.


Everyone loves Lucky Bitches. It's so OTT!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I've been looking for 'get outta the pool' for a long time. I also like 'Fatty'. At their peak, they really were fantastic.

Minge said...

When and how did it all go horribly wrong?

Anonymous said...

I love the bad comedian with the Rosie O'Donnell in 1992 haircut. "Get out of the pool!"

matty said...

I wish I could see their most recent Christmas Special!

I depend on BBC to either release their work on DVD and I can order it from the UK. ...or I can wait 5 to 8 years when it comes out on DVD in the US. ...usually quite abbreviated.

I find Wild West oddly addictive/hypnotic -- yet, I don't thik it has ever made me actually laugh. Sort of like the result of David Lynch advising Dawn French and Catherine Tate while following a sitcom ideal or something. I enjoy it, tho.

The March Hare said...

Here's a link to see a scene from Yossi & Jagger. Hope your Spanish reading is OK for the subtitles. Don't mind the music, that has nothing to do with the film...!


Minge said...

Thank you for that, Dert. Beautiful. I now know what I'm missing.

Anonymous said...

Matty........ HOW could you forget about the Sonia sketch? It's one of the best!

Anonymous said...

I also liked their sketch on Thelma and Louise