Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Blair loses touch with the people shocker!

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Then either laugh or cry. The choice, my dear reader, is up to you. The sooner we're rid of Bambi, the better. And to think, I used to adore this man.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you tell me, Minge, how much I've found that man an example for all politicians... And for how long!... Not to mention that I fell completely for his looks, of course!... I'm such a jerk!
If repentance killed, I'd be a stiff corps by now...

Minge said...

It's sad, isn't it, Ric. More sad than that, I don't think Gordon Brown will be much better. There is no hope for us.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, guys, I just don't see what you see in terms of thinking that he's anything to look at. Phyllis? Certainly! Minge? Definitiely! But....Tony Blair?


Minge said...

Brian! What are you saying? Did you never realise that all British men are hot?