Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas leftovers

J'adore Turrón and was as pleased as punch to find a box of it in a shopping bag in the spare bedroom.

I devoured one layer yesterday and another today.

My favourite used to be Yema Tostada, a combination, I think, of egg yolk and ground almonds, resembling marzipan in some small way. My current favourite is Blando. If you could imagine, dear reader, something which at first taste seems powdery, yet melts in the mouth and is sweet, delicious, nutty.

I want it to be constantly in my mouth.

I was thinking of writing a lot about Christmas, but to be frank, I can't be arsed.

I'll just say these things:

My Mother gets more right wing with every passing moment.
My brother needs to take anger management classes.
My sister in law needs to stand up to my brother.

I was then going to go on and talk about how Christmas is celebrated around the world, exploring the similarities and differences. Again, I can't be arsed. I'm having a can't be arsed kind of day.

But please, hen, look at this site to get a glimpse of Christmas in Spain. Unbelievably, they have a figure in their nativity scene which I'm having difficulty getting my head around: A shepherd having a shit. What's stranger than that is they go on to bake a cake in the shape of a turd in celebration of it.

Have yourself a shitty little Christmas
Get as high as a kite
Then bake a cake
And make it look like shite

J'adore it. I think I might have a Spanish Christmas next year.


Anonymous said...

I was reading something a couple of weeks back about the spaniards obsession with crapping for xmas... Very odd, but part of their festivities. You can buy little dolls that crap chocolate drops and stuff over there too...

Anonymous said...

hehe gives "Yule Log" a new meaning ;)

Minge said...

Yule log!



Anonymous said...

My next door neighbours have always had a very «peculiar» relationship with catholicism...
The way they easily swear about almost every important personality of christianity just makes me tremble...
I just love different cultures...

Minge said...

Jesus Christ!