Monday, January 01, 2007

Ist January 2007

Hello, lady! And happy new year!


Ha ha ha ha ha!

So muted was my Hogmanay that only one G&T passed my lips. I was as sober as they come on going to bed.

Oh, but thank goodness that I didn't go out last night after hearing the announcement that the street party had been called off. I might have been killed! Ian and I went out for a walk just after lunch to look at the damaged caused by the New Year Storm. What a mess. Tress down all over t
he place. It's quite sad, actually. Especially when they're young trees.

After our walk through the woods, we decided to drive to the beach. Meg and Mary were in such a filthy state, we thought it might be good if they took a wee dip in the sea, a bit like these mad people. En route, we came upon this lovely house on the edge of a new housing development in the grounds of an old hospital not too far from us. I wish we were in a position to buy. I wish it were for sale.

I really don't mind where I live, dear reader, I really don't, but it's ironic I end up in a house built in the 1980s when this is my least favourite period in the story of modern architecture. In fact, I don't really like anything from the post war period up until about 1990.

After getting out of the car to take a picture of that house, I took a picture of the back of our car. Isn't it filthy?

So, off to Portobello we went to give my ladies a wee new year dip. They were clean in seconds. The promenade was packed with people, but the beach was empty. Surprise, surprise.

See Minge shiver.

We came home, prepared a meal and, while that was cooking, Ian surfed the world wide web and I watched The Sarah Jane Adventures! Really, hen, it's fabulous. Loving the sonic lipstick! Oh, and I think I've uncovered RTD's secret method in writing:

Just write a basic story. Try to have a beginning, middle and end. Watch lots of soap operas while you're writing. If it's aimed a
t a family audience, slip in a few double entendres that will go over the under 12s heads. If it's aimed at children, have lots of children in it playing the main characters. If it's aimed at adults, include lots of swearing and soft porn. Oh, and try to be as unoriginal as you can.

What a shame, though, that Maria's Father, Alan, as played by Joseph Millson, isn't in one of RTD's more adult pieces. He's hot. Ooh, perhaps he'll meet up with Captain Jack somehow? One can only hope. And pray. And write begging letters to the BBC.

What a good start to the new year.

As one piece of not very good television comes to a "dramatic conclusion" - something else is beginning. Well, kind of... The Sarah Jane Adventures don't begin properly until later in the year. We'll just have to wait. I just hope, babe, that the concluding episodes of Torchwood, to be shown tonight on BBC3 are at least mediocre. I've been so disappointed with the series, the obsession with Gwen, the lack of sci-fi, the bad sex scenes, the silly jokes, the wooden acting, the forgettable stories... I'm praying that we find out all about Jack tonight, where he came from, how he got to present day earth after his final appearance in Doctor Who and why he can't die. Do you think my questions will be answered, dear reader? No? Neither do I.

Happy new year!


Voix said...

What a shame about all the trees! Glad you weren't smashed to bits.

Michael said...

Grandest of wishes for a Happy New Year to ya. I saw your comment on It's Raining Men and decided to stop by to see how you were fairing. :)

Course now I feel the compelled to keep coming back ;)

Anonymous said...

It looks like it was a wicked night.
Good thing you were snug in your bed.

Here's to good things in 2007.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - Hey Minge,
Found your site via search for "John Barrowman Wig". ... not circumcision. ha ha ha -wasn't something that crossed my mind.
What do you think? Does he wig? His hair always looks so completely in place.... bit of a worry. Tell me?

Minge said...

Michèle - I'm glad I wasn't smashed to bits, too!

Michael - Please come back - and I'm coming to find you!

JAG - I'm glad I was snug in bed, too. Hey, and I just heard I'll get the money back on those tickets. I'm not a tightwad, but they were forty four quid a pop!

Dogwithnobrain - I have a sneaky feeling hair pieces are used. I have seen JB in the flesh and on TV. His hair is certainly different when he's not CJ.

PJS said...

Happy New Year to you nice boys! Thanks so much for remembering me with a Christmas card too, it was sweet of you.

Cant wait to get all caught up on your misadventures...

Anonymous said...

Money back is always a good thing and a nice way to begin the year :)

Lex Ham Rand said...

Happy New Year! Sorry to see all that storm damage.

We got more snow on New Year's Eve - but that's to be expected here.

Enda P said...

So, your verdict on Torchwood? The Captain on Captain snog was nice!

Anyhoo, happy new year to you, Phyllis and all the usual nutters who hang out here ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe what that storm did? I think every corner of the world is having stranger than normal weather conditions. There was a bad storm in NYC last night that delayed our flight and almost prevented us from flying home. Anyway, your pictures are wonderful as always and I'm playing "catch-up" in reading your blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR MINGE! xoxo

zona boy said...

happy new year to you two and the girls!!

Anonymous said...

My god, the storm looks terrible! But your adventures sound fascinating and fun!

Anonymous said...

I like that house up there too. We dream of a nice glass box out in some remote woods.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sign me up for some of Maria's father with a side of Davey to go.

I thought Sarah Jane was wonderful. RTD excels at setting up weird little mysteries that drive me nuts until he answers them. In this case, where did Sarah Jane get all her cool technology? I mean, I guess we assume the Doctor had a hand in it but who knows...?

Can't wait for it to start running regularly (although I'll be sad the real show is only 30 minutes).