Thursday, July 06, 2006

My lovely Meg

I've been ever so worried about my poor dog, Meg.

I noticed a lump had come up on her back a few days ago, so today (well, yesterday, now - it's gone midnight) we went to see her favourite man (not) - the vet. After a short examination involving a squeeze, poke, prod and a syringe, the nasty man deduced it was just a fatty lump.


I was so relieved.

Meg had no idea what was going on, of course, so has no sense of this relief. That must be the best part about being a dog. You'd have no idea of your own mortality. Ignorance is bliss.

Meg is a true krank and has many nicknames:

Megawatty Sukanaputry
The Megster

She doesn't have a favourite nickname, preferring her full proper name, which is Megan Jane, dear reader.

I'll sleep more soundly tonight.


Dan said...

Poor little lady. We had a similar scare with Sally a few weeks back when an ugly lump plopped out the side of her mouth. Shot her off to the vet where it turned out to be a cyst they ended up surgically removing.

Minge said...


jeanjeannie said...

I think I'd prefer Megan Jane, too!

Poor baby.

Just been to the vet with my friend's dog. She had developed a lump on the side of her face. Vet put in a syringe and drew out 4ml of fluid and declared it to be a cyst. Holi is nearly 15 so everything is a worry!

Give Meg (now I would call her Megababy) a hug from me, minge. She is such a gorgeous girl.

PS Is that you in the background?


Minge said...

Thanks Jean - just been reading Dogstuff. *hugs*

No, that's not me in the background. That's Phyllis.

The Brian said...

As dogs get older they start developing those fatty deposits. It's not attractive but harmless I hear.

She's a beautiful dog.

Minge said...

Thanks, Brian. I love her dearly. She is my daughter.

You can't see the lump, but you can definitely feel it when stroking her.

Meg is five.

A Novelist said...

She is so beautiful - I just want to squeeze her! I'm glad the lump turned out to be nothing. :)

Minge said...

Thanks, hen. I was so relieved, you just wouldn't believe it!

Blog Off said...

glad she's okay!

Minge said...

So am I, hen. I kept cuddling her all day yesterday. I cried coming up the road, well, sobbed, actually. It was some sight, like from a weepy movie. It was pouring with rain, thunder and lightning. I was soaked to the skin. You couldn't see my tears for all the rain on my face.

Sad, innit!?!?