Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dubya and the S word

Yes, dear reader, it's all true. George W Bush really did say, "Shit..."

Click here to see/hear him do it.

I read the entire transcript of the conversation in The Independent yesterday. People used to think Margaret Thatcher handbagging her ministers was a joke until it was revealed to be true. Now, people will finally really know that Tony Blair is Dubya's poodle. A better analogy, perhaps is this: Dubya is the head boy, and Tony is his fag. Of course, I mean fag in the public schoolboy-slave sense, not in the North American homosexual sense. Though having said that, Dubya does call Tony honey and he also thanks Tony for the gift of a sweater. They do seem to be cooing at each other like a pair of Love Birds, don't they!?

Do you think they're having it off?

If they are, who's the top and who's the bottom? Or are they both versatile?


RIC said...

Lord, as if I would ever be surprised by that. The guy is as rude as a... I won't say it because I'd become more unpolite than he actually is.
Nevertheless, in public?! The guy is definitely losing it... Ah ah ah, we are still going to see the monkey being commited to a «cuckoo's nest»... And that will be the final revenge. The Lord has His mysterious ways...
And now the Confession: I sincerely wish Tony Blair were not involved with the monkey in any way whatsoever. You know, I saw him topless yesterday, and an old, jumpy feeling came back to torment me. How could I ever face the fact that they're both «having it off»?
I'm not feeling so well anymore...

Moncrief Speaks said...

Neither is the bottom or the top because W. will only do oral.

Minge said...


And -


I never had high hopes for Bush, he's a Republican, after all. But I did think Tony Blair would do wonders for the country. How wrong I was. So disappointing. And I can't believe he lets Dubya play with him like he does, it's cringeworthy.

It's time for Gordon Brown.

Or perhaps Alan Johnson...!?

The Brian said...

When I heard those commments I wondered which was worse the idiot or the fool who follows the idiot.

and then I saw the pictures of Bush coming up behind Merkel to give her a back rub and I realized, yup Bush is worse. At least Blair isn't groping other foreign leaders.