Wednesday, July 19, 2006

World War III

I'm scared, no, really, I am. Not hide in the corner of a darkened room, shaking kind of scared, more keep checking news sites and glad I don't live somewhere likely to be bombed scared.

Has World War III started?

Look across the globe:

Iraq is essentially in a state of civil war. North Korea is test-firing missiles (capabale of carrying a nuclear device) like some kind of threat. Syria and Iran are arming terrorists. The Lebanon is being ripped apart. Iran is (probably) making a nuclear warhead. Israel is (probably) aiming a nuclear missile at Iran. Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is (probably) aimed at a dozen different countries throughout the world. India's (probably) doing the same. States are beginning to align themselves. Do they support Israel? The USA? China? Or an Islamic state?

The first ever world war began this way: You declared war on my friend, so I'm declaring war on you.

Yeah, well,
you declared war on my friend, so I'm declaring war on you.

you declared war on my friend, so I'm declaring war on you.


It's all kicking off, now. I'm just glad I'm living in Edinburgh and not London, New York, Tel-Aviv, New Delhi, Beijing or Pyongyang...

...However, I'm not glad that I'll be in Tokyo in a matter of weeks. I'm sure that the Japanese capital will be the first target on Kim Jong-il's list.

Oh shit. Shit, shit, shit.


Moncrief Speaks said...

Deep breaths, hen.

It is a scary time.

I do like that you kept in the definite article before "Lebanon" though: a trend mostly disappeared these days.

Who did that early-80s song where the refrain was "The Lebanon.."?

I'm sure you'll know.

Sorry. I should be taking your post more seriously.

Bush and Blair are in charge of the "free world" so all will be all right and they'll pull us back from the brink.

Oh wait.

To quote W:


Dan said...

Matey, take a breath and relax. Yes, I agree completely, everything seems to be kicking off everywhere - but if you stress and worry about it constantly, you're going to make yourself sick and will close the curtains and pull away from the world.

Not healthy.

Go to Japan and enjoy your holiday (you lucky bast..) and ignore short dictaters that are fluffing themselves up and ignoring the known world.

Minge said...

The Lebanon is by The Human League.

I shant shut myself off from the world, I just wish it was a nicer place to be in. Scared!

A Novelist said...

All this war stuff is putting me on edge and I really want to get the heck out of New York. I've heard all kinds of horrible rumors of attacks on the Big Apple! Can I come live in Edinburgh....? :)

Minge said...

Anytime you like, hen. Just bring some cheesecake.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I would worry more about having to eat fish eyes in Tokyo than antything else. Or the PM surprise serenading you with Elvis. Enjoy yourself!! Besides, you could totally take on Kimmy by yourself anyway!