Friday, July 21, 2006

Seven ways to love

The past week, as far as the news has gone, has been all about war and extreme weather. In other news:

Alan is still away, Mayon volcano erupts, I found out that I'm abstract sequential, someone wanted love sauce spread on their face, Brian wanted to know what to put in his back pack and his brain hurt, it was time for a new mix (and a new style for the blog), someone asked if they we
re in a blog ring, someone asked what comes to mind when we think of Portugal, decisions were made, two girlfreinds were thought to be the same woman, Graham took his camera out for a walk along the prom, I thought I saw a monster, we saw Anton, Jay wondered when he first knew he was gay, Moncrief went back to the lake, I found Jake's sister, Dan geeked out, we took salt 'n' sauce, we discussed the sex issue, we compared hotel rooms, Dmitry Chaplin went, China Blue joined the Z list, we read about ungrateful kids (and do you know what kids are...?), Voix leanred the truth, Jo caught a cold and Zona did an out of ten list.

These people are wankers:

John Humphreys
Gordon Ramsay
George W Bush
Laura Bush
Ehud Olmert
John Prescott

What's in store for us next week, dear reader, and who will be next week's seven wankers?

This is the seven times table:


The seven most recent songs, according to iTunes, that I've heard:

Thinking of you (Ramp remix) - Sister Sledge
A song for Eurotrash - Antoine De Caunes & Kate Robbins
Shut up (YMCA mix) - Sin With Sebastian
I love your smile - Shanice
Total eclipse - Rosenstolz
Love's gone mad - Seventh Avenue
It should have been me - Yvonne Fair

Seven web sites of note:

BBC News
Pet Shop Boys
100 Words

William Barnes

Seven things I'll never eat:

Guinea Pig

Seven things I don't like about my body:

My lack of hair (on my head)
My weight
My pink nipples (why can't I have brown ones?)
My height (I'm average - I hate average)
My puny biceps
My freckles
My small hands


graham said...

Guinea Pig is tasty...YUM

alan said...

No fair. "Your best of" compilations are always better than mine

Minge said...

Graham - have you partaken? Phyllis has eaten Guinea Pig. I just can't imagine it.

Al - but you are my inspiration.

A Novelist said...

Yay! I love your "best of" posts! ;)

Minge said...

I just can't help myself.

Brian said...

When do we get to see your list of things that you love about yourself? Because if you don't compose one, I will. (I mean, I'll make a list of things about you I love.)

Minge said...

Ha! I'd pay good money to see that!

graham said...

Yup, and very tasty it was too. I'm a total carnivore :-)

Minge said...

Did it taste like chicken?

What's your favourite meat to nibble on?

Have you ever been to a Harvester before?

PJS said...

Hmmm... if Laura Bush makes that particular list, I'm not sure why you chose the link you chose. It outlines her efforts to draw attention to the plight of women in societies that treat them like cattle.

Minge said...

I chose that because I think she doesn't mean it. And the fact that she herself is a cow.

The Brian said...

ha ha

Plus with the current administration cutting back on a whole range of services to help low-income families, it's all a bit for the cameras. She's used as a political prop.

Minge said...

These knobs all lack substance. I hate Laura's guts. In fact, I wish she was dead.

PJS said...

It's an amazing talent to be able to see into the hearts of men (and women)!

Minge said...

It is. I wish I could do it!


Anonymous said...

Heh. Fab post. I've thought about stealing the idea of a 'best of' post for a while now ;-)

'Love Sauce'? Not something I'd want on my chips!

Anonymous said...

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