Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm a big dyke

Work on Come (and be a lesbian) is now fully complete. All hail the fabulousness that is XWiz, für er ist der meister der musik. I simply provided the vocal.

I'm not blowing my own trumpet here, but I am blowing Shane's. I had to wipe a tear away when I first heard Come (and be a lesbian). It's the most perfect song I've ever heard. IMHO, of course. It's everything I ever wanted to hear on the radio.

So, we've got a single version, a mix and a b-side... And a name! At the moment, we're Whinge. I think we've decided on this. Other choices were:

(1) Minge And The Wizard

Kind of like Dempsey and Makepeace?

(1.5) Mary's Minge And The Bearded Wizard

Kind of like Dempsey and Makepeace but more odd?

(2) Floral Minge And The Magic Bouquet

A bit gay, but fun.

(3) Magic Minge Featuring XWiz and the Sloppy Seconds Chorus

'Cause I'm dirty

(4) WiMinge

Which is just odd. But fun.

(5) Whinge

That's best of all.

(6) XWinge

Sounds like a spy plane.

(7) XM2

Sounds like a motorbike - and we love a ride.

(8) MinX

Quite catty, a bit gay. Also, similar to WinMX.

(9) XWVile

Je ne sais pas. Just playing with letters.

You can hear all our work here.


Moncrief Speaks said...

It's BEYOND fabulous.

Minge said...



Minge said...

Do you think I sound camp?

ucallmemadam said...

Why don't you call yourselves the Chip Shop Boys?

Enda said...

I'm speechless......

I actually have to play it again...... (!)

(You sound like Cicero)

Minge said...

Cicero!?!? Really? That, in my eyes, is such a huge compliment!

Chip Shop Boys? But neither of us are into fish!


XWiz said...

Chip Shop Boys... it has a certain attraction. Shall we, Roy, shall we? I had my heart set on Mary's Minge And The Bearded Wizard but I do like the Chip Shop Boys. Who said that, again? They deserve a cameo appearance in our follow-up 'She may be the ironmonger's daughter, but she knows a surprising amount about fish as well...'.

Minge said...


Chip Shop Boys is good. But the lack of fish worries me. I worried about getting on to Top Of The Pops with Mary's Minge And The Bearded Wizard, but since it is no more... Shall we? Shall we?

Minge said...

ucallmemadam is Phyllis.

XWiz said...

Why aren't you on ICQ or something? Regardless, Roy - this is going well. We need to charge cold hard cash for the next song. I say at least five pence a song. Then if we sell three copies we'll have a curly wurly to share.

Minge said...

Do you want the chocolate or the toffee?

I used to have tht MSN thingy, but couldn't make it work properly. I don't really anyone with whom I could exchange instant messages. Do you have ICQ, Shane?

zona boy said...

nice rack!

zona boy said...

those songs were GREAT!!

Tom Gaylord said...


On the floor


girlie thighs ahahahahahaahah