Thursday, July 06, 2006

Big Brother

I need to vent about some of the Big Brother housemates.

Excuse me while I let off steam, dear reader:

Aisleyne - stupid chav. She does make for interesting viewing though, especially when she's being a total bitch. She's the Alexis Colby of Channel 4. I do wonder though if she's misunderstood. Could something nice lurk under that hard shell of a ghetto princess?

Pete - fabulous, kind, hot, funny, lovely, good natured, honest, selfless. Massive dick. Winner! I don't think he's straight, either. He might not be gay, but he's certainly not straight.

Jayne - ok in small doses - otherwise annoying. Mind you, anyone that can break a bed gets a thumbs up from me.

Spiral - idiotic chav. What a dire waste of time.

Richard - camp control freak. Could have been interesting and fun, but he's not and I feel totally let down. Sexual terrorist, indeed.

Lea - dirty porn queen. Fucked up. Attention seeking bint. Needs love. And a shrink. I really feel sorry for her and hope she'll be ok once she's evicted.

- brain dead air-head. She's false, fake and has the mental age of a twelve year old.

Glyn - spoiled brat prone to vile temper tantrums. Needs a hard slap. I hate this pathetic little twat with a passion... I wish he would die.

Nikki - spoiled princess. Needs to know herself. LOL! Makes for interesting television though, and is a laugh a minute.

Jennie - waste of space. Go now, you ridiculous little moron.

Michael - funny, intelligent, honest. All round good guy. Huge cock. Could be prone to dullness. I have high hopes for him, though.

Susie - just leave now you miserable, boring bint.

Mikey - so full of himself it makes me physically sick. Tiny penis.


Moncrief Speaks said...

Our Big Brother (series 7) is premiering tonight. Evidently it's the "all stars" season with losers from past seasons living together this time.

Big Brother has never really caught on as a sensation here the way it has in Britain, but it's always a moderate summer success.

Don't think I'll watch it though. I was fascinated by the first-season trainwreck, however, and was part of an online group of people who paid money to rent a small plane to fly over the BB compound with messages for the houseguests. How sad is that? Actually, I didn't donate money to that cause but it was pretty amusing as it was going on.

Minge said...

OMG - Brett, you're a BB freak like Minge!

Is it true that in the USA BB, the public don't get a say in who stays/goes?

Moncrief Speaks said...

I WAS a freak, but it was several years ago.

I think the public gets a say, don't they? I honestly haven't watched it at all a few years ago. I know they've changed the rules a few times trying to generate more interest. I think the public does get a chance now although they didn't used to.

The bigger show here is American Idol. That has the kind of interest BB seems to have in the UK (I was over there one summer when it was on and I remember how popular it was).

Minge said...

I watched some of the most recent American Idol on ITV2. It was good. Made me realise how good Pop Idol was here and how bad X Factor has become.

gab said...

u must love aisleyne shes the shizzle!

The Brian said...

On the US BB the houseguests nominate two people and then AMERICA VOTES and picks who the evictee is.

/ your reality tv junkie

Minge said...

The shizzle!?!?

Oh, that's what happens here, too, Brian. I thought it was different with you!

graham said...

How do you know michael has a huge cock? Did I miss some snippet of the show where they showed it? Or do you just like him so have awarded him that title.

I think Pete has to win, he's fantastic on so many levels, head and shoulders above the rest. In fact he's so far above them they can't even see him. Spiral used to busk outside the window of my old apartment...he's funny in that knackery, everyones best mate, way over the top kinda way. There's plenty more of him here in dublin though, he's nothing special at all. Nikki is such a drama queen, but she makes great tv. Leah, vile. Imogen babes, vile. Susie, dull, the newbies are all losers (except maybe michael, depending on the answer to my previous question about him), Ashleyne, she a scary ho, Rich, camp camp camp, but not the worst in there. Who's mikey? Exactly. Glynn...shut up you total moron. I hope he comes down with a flesh eating bacterial infection...well maybe not that severe, but I dislike a lot.
ok, thats my 2 cents
g :)

Minge said...

How do I know Michael's got a huge cock? I can just tell. Years of experience, love. LOL! No, really, I can tell. I'm never wrong!

I hope Glyn gets that infection, too. Then dies. Babes.

Enda P said...

I used to get wound up about it too, so I just stopped watching. What a relief!

(Of course it really helps when you don't have a TV).

Minge said...

You don't have a TV???

I used to get really depressed after watching Brookside, so stopped in the early 90s.

Enda P said...

Ditched it about a year ago. I wasn't really watching it. I 'accidentally download' things like Desperate Housewives though....

Minge said...

You're a good boy!