Friday, July 28, 2006


It's been a funny old seven days, dear reader. More violence in the Middle East, more hot weather, more blogging:

Alan is still away. He should be back any moment, though. A Novelist went underground, we pondered over letters and numbers, we realised that art can be funny, we listened to classical music, talked politics, Christopher Cross played in Lisbon, we did
the Proust questionnaire, peeled away some layers, saw Graham's mug shot, marvelled at the ivy shots, Kapitano started work on a rap, hints were dropped, Lance Bass came out, we read about Design Star, there was a red sky in the morning, George Michael got caught in the bushes, it was too darn hot, we saw porny pussy, we wished for emotional nudity, boredom was a distant memory, doors were held open, it was face time, Jeremy Kyle pissed us off, Phyllis revealed his potato picking past, Voix made her 800th post, Jo coloured her hair, we decided to change the world, we saw boobs and my music career took off.

Seven grim pictures of Minge, outside, in the dark:







Yes, that really is my foot. Yes, I really do wear sandals. Yes, I do have the hottest legs in Scotland.

Seven swear words: Bastard, fuck, cunt, shit, wanker, arse-hole and Tory.

Seven gay web sites:

Gay Blogging
Judy Garland
Gay Times
Gay - z
Gay Switchboard (London)
One Life

Seven songs:

I'm so excited (I could vomit) [ambient techno remix]
Something stupid (seven inch)
Shut up (YMCA mix)
Japanese boy
Total eclipse
King Kong
I'm so excited (I could vomit) [XWiz dirty bitch radio edit]

Seven wankers:

George W Bush
Lord Sainsbury
Roger Carr
Nanette Newman
Jane Hill
Victoria Beckham
Peaches Geldof

Seven things on ebay:

Shrunken head
Nail head
Black ball gag
Two rasta man ashtrays
Jack Nicklaus £5 note

What's in store for us next week?


Kapitano said...

Oh my, what a stretchy mouth you have. Must be very useful.

Tom Gaylord said...

LOL minge you are out of fucking control

alan said...

Lordy, Lord. How ever would we be able to keep up without Minge's reviews. Love em.

Minge said...

The good thing about having a stretchy mouth is that you can eat the largest of saveloys with ease.

I love being out of control. It makes me feel "special"!

I love a retrospective, I do.

Anonymous said...

That's just made me realise how much I've missed! Hilarious pics by the way.
You're definitely my second favourite Minge ;-)

Minge said...

As long as I'm in the top five, I'm quite happy.

RIC said...

Minge, I'd easily say you're in the TOP THREE! Love the photos and the «sur la mouche» retrospective (thank YOU, as far as I'm concerned).
In my eyes Scotland has gained new, brighter colours! :-)

Minge said...

I'd like to think that some of those colours might be pink, mauve, red, gold and green.

RIC said...

Think «on and away», Minge, suit yourself, I beg of you! (Love this expression!)

Minge said...

I wish I was a rainbow.

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.