Friday, July 07, 2006


This week, dear reader, according to iTunes I have mostly been listening to:

King Kong - Shanadoo
Jump - Our Glorious Leader
Since yesterday - Strawberry Switchblade
London Knights - London Boys
Love pains - Liza Minnelli
No, no, never - Texas Lightning
Like a virgin - Texas Lightning
Love on a shoestring - Captain and Tennille
Magic love - Bent
I've never been to me - Charlene


A Novelist said...

OMG Minge - I LOVE that song Jump by Madonna! I can't get enough of it! :)

Blog Off said...

is a mac better than a pc?

Minge said...

Jump is fabulous!

And a Mac is way better than a PC - unless you're mad for playing games. If you're a PC gamer, stick with your PC. Half the titles don't come out for the Mac, and when they do, they come out about six months after the PC version.

The good part is that my iMac has never crashed. I've never had any bother with it. It runs more smoothly than smooth. You don't get things like conflicts and all that other shit. It's like watching the telly, you just press, press and press. No mucking about. Far more simpler than a PC. I'd NEVER go back to a PC. PCs are the Devil's work.

Dan said...

Mac vs. PC - The Great Debate ;)
Mac have less security problems (about 2, i think, compared to the PC that has "critical updates" every fricking week.
PC has more software that works "out the box" as it were.

I've always been a die-hard PC User, but don't slate the Mac as I don't know how good they can be. I believe the general rule of thumb is that PCs are good all-round computers, while for art/music or business type stuff, the Mac is better.

Or something :)

Minge said...

I've always been able to use software out of the box. Harware is a doddle too, no setting up, no mucking about. Nothing to install. You just plug it in and it works.

having used both, I can say that I'd never use a PC again unless I have to. When I go to my sister's house and use a PC, I sigh endlessly, tut, and tap my fingers waiting for shit to happen.

coal2k said...

I love Since Yesterday. My sister used to play it a lot when I was a wee girl :)

Minge said...

When you were a wee girl!?!? I was a teen!

That's scary!

Enda P said...

PC @ work (now) (Windows XP is pretty robust, but installing shit is a pain). Mac @ home (EeZee PeeZee).

Now, Minge, how do you get iTunes to give you weekly stats? I tried creating playlist, but no good.

coal2k said...

Think how Junx feels...

Minge said...

Poor Junx!

Minge said...

enda p said: Now, Minge, how do you get iTunes to give you weekly stats? I tried creating playlist, but no good.

You have to go to file, create new smart playlist (not just an ordinary playlist) and bung in all sorts of parameters. I can't remember what I did, but I chose the past seven days et al. Go for it. It's a doddle!

Endacious P Thee Glitzkitten said...

Mmm, but if say, you played 'No, No Never' 46 times last week and only once this week (that would never, no no never, happen, I know), it would come up as 47 plays cos the Play Count doesn't reset.


Minge said...

Reset the parameters!

Endillinger Pariahcakes said...

You must NEVER reset the parameters! I ain't NEVER goin' back, baby. No, no never.

Minge said...